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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 9 Recap

Ji Yanxin knows his sleepwalking problems, so he often uses signs and memories to record his illness when he is awake. A friend called and told him that there was no Siqi’s name in Ronghe’s rookie list.

Si Qi looked at Gu Qingwu in front of him and resolutely refused to apologize. Gu Qingwu told him that there would be no bread if he wanted dignity, but Si Qi Ning would never be a running dog for people like her. Wish to bet and lose Siqi had to follow Ji Yanxin back to work at the office, but received a call from Qi Nian before getting on the bus. “Beauty Yixiu” broke the first record of “Flower and Romance” as soon as it was launched. With Siqi’s hope to continue to draw comics, Ji Yanxin locked his younger brother in the car and answered the phone and said that if you can’t succeed, don’t fantasize Siqi. As a result, the phone signals on both sides were badly disconnected. Ji Yanxin looked at the call record marked as “like” People”.

Ji Yanxin still let his younger brother pursue his dream. Si Qi ran to the studio and learned that Qi Nian had written him and himself as the author of “Beauty Yixiu”, and Xinxin asked him if he and Gu Qingwu were enemies for the sake of Qiyue Qingwu Whether it was worth it, Siqi was firm and Xinxin was very happy. She also told Siqi that the prototype of the manga hero was her current boss.

Qi Nian found out that Ji Yanxin was guilty of sleepwalking again. She helped Ji Yanxin to the bed but was kissed by Ji Yanxin on her upper lip. Ji Yanxin was pushed aside and knew that Qi Nian already knew about her sleepwalking. Qi Nian awkwardly escaped the door and chased Ji Yanxin. Seeing Siqi kindly put on a helmet for Qi Nian and left.

Si Qi took Qi Nian to watch the scenery by the river. Qi Nian told Si Qi about the boss sleepwalking and was taken advantage of. She was very worried about how Ji Yanxin would treat herself as a face-saving person. Siqi bought a colorful lantern balloon to comfort Qi Nian. The reason why this balloon looks so good is that nothing can be seen clearly at night. The brakes of the electric car failed, and Si Qi and Qi Nian had to run out of electricity to stop and go home.

Ji Yanxin drove to the two people downstairs, but saw Si Qi and Qi Nian come in together and still live on the same floor. The gossiping security guard approached Ji Yanxin and told Ji Yanxin that the little couple could turn off the lights together when they were affectionate. They also read Zhihu hot post “What should I do when I see my brother and girlfriend open a room”, which even annoyed Ji Yanxin.

Ji Yanxin sent Qi Nian a lot of work and asked her to return to work immediately, and ran all the way pretending to be back early. But Qi Nian hurriedly put on Siqi’s shirt to make a coat, and falsely claimed that the online purchase was too big. Ji Yanxin forced Qi Nian to sharpen 30 pencils for himself. Ji Yanxin hit the side and learned that Siqi and Qi Nian were sharing roommates, and he was finally relieved, until Qi Nian said that He Siqi was very happy to ride an electric bike and his jealousy came to his heart again.

Ji Yanxin pushed the electric car early in the morning, insisting to let Qi Nian drive him to the company like last night, and deliberately not fully charged to punish Qi Nian to give him a bicycle. Seeing the boss, who has been a bachelor for many years, brought a girl over, the employees were all surprised. But Qi Nian, who had not returned from work all night, annoyed Si Qi. He found the company phone and started calling the front desk early in the morning. Hearing a person who claimed to be Pei Xiaoye called to complain to the company, Ji Yanxin knew that this was his wayward brother.

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