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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 8 Recap

Pei Siqi dialed the phone, and Ji Qiu came to Ji Yanxin’s room to connect to the old-fashioned phone. He thought that he had made a mistake and pretended to be an advertising promotion. Ji Qiu knew that this was his little cousin Ji Siqi. Ji Qiu threatened him not to recognize his identity and sent the video of his rioting signing event to Ji Yanxin. Pei Siqi claimed that he had changed his surname to Pei, and when Brick saw Ji Yanxin who was opposite, he quickly ran away.

Qi Nian, who came to the mall to find Siqi, foresaw Gu Qingwu. She called to Teacher Gu, and Gu Qingwu called her “July Qingwu”. Qi Nian drew her own creation on the blackboard in the high school classroom, and was appreciated by Gu Qingwu and editor Xiao and invited her to work with Gu Qingwu. She combined her pen name “July” with Gu Qingwu’s name at the time. The pen name “Qingyue Qingwu” was given.

After the exam, Qi Nian, who was busy with the college entrance examination, discovered that Gu Qingwu claimed that “The Other Shore of the Cloud” was his own independent creation and thus achieved great success. Qi Nian replied every sentence and made Gu Qingwu very angry. Hearing the voice sent by Si Qi to Qi Nian, Gu Qingwu mistakenly thought that she had arranged someone to make trouble to arrest her and go to the security office. Fortunately, Ji Yanxin came to take her away.

In order to remember Qi’s sprained ankle, Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian why he had an entanglement with the cartoonist. As expected, he didn’t listen to what he said just now. Ji Yanxin, who came to help himself without asking for reasons, moved Qi Nian very much. Siqi’s resume was initially rejected because he had no identity information, but his paintings were amazing. The employees saw Siqi in the video and brought his resume work. It is a pity that Gu Qingwu is such an excellent painter.的黑粉.

Qi Nian returned to Ji Yanxin’s home. Si Qi was angry that she wanted to choose herself or her boss. Of course, Qi Nian chose Ji Yanxin, because Ji Yanxin was the prototype of his comics. Siqi received the admission notice from Rongpin Company, and he and Ji Qiu agreed to take out his household registration book from Ji Yanxin’s home to fill in his ID card. As a result, it was his brother Ji Yanxin who was waiting. Ji Yanxin has never supported Siqi drawing cartoons. This unrealistic dream is impossible to realize. Siqi has already received an offer from the industry leader Rongcheng. Ji Yanxin told his younger brother to let him do his own thing as long as he successfully entered the job.

Ji Yanxin still had a headache. He had to let Shao Zui come to pick him up. There was a lot of work for everyone. Shao Zui was very worried about his health, but he who has always been strong would not be soft. After returning home, seeing the years waiting for him, Ji Yanxin’s anger at Siqi’s place eased a lot. Qi Nian inquired about Ji Yanxin’s medicine and found that it was used to treat sleepwalking. Sure enough, although Ji Yanxin repeatedly checked whether the door was locked before going to bed, he still ran to Qi Nian’s bed, and put Qi Nian in his arms and kissed her forehead, just like a couple’s affection.

Early the next morning, Qi Nian was so sleepy and yawning. Ji Yanxin only thought she was playful and staying up late. In fact, it was because he was sleepwalking back to his room at night, and locked Qi Nian, who was worried about his safety, in his room. Escape. When Qi Nian met Liu Xia and Li Yue, he accidentally mentioned that Ji Yanxin had sleepwalking.

He was forced to stay overnight because he was worried about his safety and could not sleep well all night. I remembered that I could paint Ji Yanxin quietly when he was sleepwalking, and Ji Yanxin even almost kissed her when he hugged her. Fortunately, he sticks to his bottom line and never takes advantage of others. Liu Xia asked her if she wanted to make Ji Yanxin sober, and Qi Nian just wanted to make up for it. Si Qi came to Rongpin Company, and it was Gu Qingwu who was the chief content officer who interviewed him.

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