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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 11 Recap

Qi Nian wanted to participate in the summer fireworks festival, but Ji Yanxin had no interest and said that there was still a lot of work. Qi Nian only sent a circle of friends to comfort himself. Qi Nian used his grandfather as an excuse to claim that two people should go shopping together and take some photos to make him believe in their relationship. Ji Yanxin took Qi Nian to visit the building, and Qi Nian took many photos of Ji Yanxin. Ji Yanxin volunteered to take some pictures for Qi Nian. The result was either blurry or exposed. Qi Nian was drunk to sort out the photos he took. Ji Yanxin drove to the playground and booked the tickets for the fireworks festival in advance. Qi Nian followed him with his mouth open in surprise.

Siqi and Gu Qingwu finally waited for a tractor in the muddy farmland, and the two dangling in the car finally returned to the city. Seeing Qi Nian’s circle of friends, Si Qi drove Gu Qingwu to the amusement park together, and absentmindedly brushing Qi Nian’s circle of friends on the carousel, he was waiting to meet Qi Nian. Gu Qingwu pouted and asked Si Qi whether he liked Qi Nian, how could the tsundere boy easily admit it. Gu Qingwu was outraged and wanted to part ways with Siqi, but Lu Chi was wearing high heels with frayed feet, so she could only stop in the middle of the road and look around blankly. Siqi was worried that she would get lost and followed behind him silently, and he caught a pair of flip flops for her.

Ji Yanxin disliked the childish doll machine very much, but still participated in the doll catching competition for the sake of the year, and his skill is simply outrageous. Seeing the sweet cotton candy greedy, Si Qi couldn’t move, Gu Qingwu whispered with the boss for a while, and left the cotton candy making table to them.

Ji Yanxin carefully peeled the crab shells with tools, and Qi Nian lamented that he was so careful that the people who stayed with him before were really happy. Ji Yanxin looked at the Ferris wheel in the distance and said it was time to watch the fireworks.

Qi Nian sat on the ground and acted like a baby and finally asked Ji Yanxin to buy ice cream for herself, but Qi Nian, who drank alcohol during dinner, began to drink alcohol. She relied on Ji Yanxin to ask his ex-girlfriend in a daze, where is Ji Yanxin’s ex-girlfriend? His heart disease is his brother who left without saying goodbye. The fireworks finally bloomed, and Ji Yanxin actually started to tell Qi Nian about the chemistry of fireworks. Qi Nian held his head and shook his head. The fireworks outside the Ferris wheel were dazzling and romantic. Ji Yanxin finally said the four words-I like you, kiss Qi Nian’s lips.

Gu Qingwu and Si Qi were fighting, but the flip flops broke, and Si Qi had to carry her to watch the fireworks. Standing under the Ferris wheel and looking up at the fireworks, Si Qi saw the picture of his brother and Qi Nian kissing each other. Ji Yanxin tilted his head slightly, his brother’s lonely figure was also taken into his heart.

Qi Nian woke up again in a hotel room, vaguely remembering the kiss last night, but she denied it because she was too unexpected. Opening the door, seeing Gu Qingwu standing in front of her, what two brothers should be talking about, Qi Nian wondered what she was talking about.

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