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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 10 Recap

Listening to his younger brother’s superb cursing skills, Ji Yanxin just found it funny. Qi Nian asked about what happened to Li Yue’s office recently, that is, the ancient building restoration project in Quancheng was put on hold due to the local people’s opposition to the construction, but the suspension caused them a lot of losses. But Li Yue feels that these happy years are also helpless, and it is better to make coffee.

The owner came to Siqi with a sharpened apple, saying that the house was going to be taken back to make his son a wedding house, but he had already found two other houses for him and Qi Nian. After all, a man and a woman lived together in the family’s elders. Always worry. This inexplicable remark made Si Qi puzzled. Of course, Ji Yanxin did this. He bought an old house at a high price to separate the two.

Ji Qiu came to Ji Yanxin, and also brought out a proper little girl who imitated Qi Nian’s “Beauty for Repair”. Ji Yanxin tore off Ji Qiu’s paintings and looked down on comics, which made Qi Nian very unhappy. Qi Nian never thought that the big boss of his company was Shao Zui. Gu Qingwu wanted to dig Qizai in the name of cooperation, but found that this popular cartoonist was Qi Nian. Shao Zui directly called Qi Nian and Gu Qingwu to have a face-to-face meeting. He knew that Qi Nian’s past was certain that Qi Nian would not leave.

Ji Qiu rushed to find Shao Zui. She had always thought Qi Zai was a straight steel man, for fear of being seduced by Gu Qingwu. Listening to the voice of the conversation in the office, Ji Qiu knew that Qi Nian was Qi Zai. Gu Qingwu hopes to use Ronghe’s strong operation power to dig out Qi Nian again. Such a brazen approach will certainly not be moved by Qi Nian. Gu Qingwu pointedly pointed out that she chose to retreat back then. Qi Nian bluntly said that she did not need Gu Qingwu’s support, and Ronghe did not need herself.

Qi Nian asked about Shao Zui’s heart. Once a person he cared about left him, he blamed himself every time he thought of this relationship. Ji Qiu, who was all behind the curtain, couldn’t listen to it, as if Ji Yanxin had an ex-girlfriend. Ji Qiu is even more excited when he thinks of the future sister-in-law and cousin’s stone hammer candy in the comics. And what Shao Zui said was to make the sparks of the two burn more prosperous.

When Qi Nian cleaned the swimming pool, she was thinking about Shao Zui’s words. When she accidentally fell into the pool, Ji Yanxin wrapped her in a towel and changed her clothes. Looking at Qi Nian wearing Siqi clothes and watching animation, Ji Yanxin seemed to see his younger brother. But he thinks that indulging in comics is a kind of escape from reality, and Qi Nian fought back. He also likes to watch Grimm’s fairy tales. Ji Yanxin put all his cherished things in the room downstairs. Ji Yanxin picked up Qi Nian and threw her into the pool without threatening to make it clear. Qi Nian had to tell him that he was sleepwalking and brought him in. Siqi, who has not been waiting for Qi Nian to return, called the office again. After learning the news, Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian to go to Shinan on a temporary business trip.

Editor-in-Chief Xiao inquired about the big cow key sauce from the fandom. Gu Qingwu took the key sauce’s work and wanted to sign this talent, and chanced upon Si Qi who was going to Shinan. Siqi, who was tricked into getting into the car, saw Gu Qingwu’s own work on the car, and mistakenly thought it was Gu Qingwu’s background investigation on her. Of course, Gu Qingwu must seize such an easy opportunity. She drove to the field to force Siqi to agree to come to her team, but Siqi mentioned that she should first fill the hole in “The Other Side of the Cloud”, which was abandoned for five years. The conversation between the two came to an end again, Si Qi was driven out of the car, and Gu Qingwu’s car also broke down. The two people just found their way back noisily.

Qi Nian saw that one of the ways to treat somnambulism was to relax. She told jokes that Ji Yanxin couldn’t understand, and put on a horse-head mask to start Ji Yanxin. After finally reaching the destination, Qi Nian excitedly wanted to watch the night fireworks display with Ji Yanxin. Not only did Ji Yanxin arrange to work overtime at night, he also said that he did not like unsafe fireworks.

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