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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 19 Recap

Wei Xiaobao tried his best to say good things to the current emperor. The Nine Difficulties reminded him not to tell Ake about the restoration of Daming. Wei Xiaobao was puzzled, and the Nine Difficulties did not allow him to inquire. The emperor Prince Paikang, Duolong and Suo Etu looked for Wei Xiaobao everywhere, but found nothing. He was furious. Unexpectedly, Wei Xiaobao came back suddenly. The emperor was very happy and excitedly pulled him to ask questions. Wei Xiaobao described his teaching Taishou took the opportunity to show his loyalty to the emperor when he escaped by chance, and the emperor was very moved.

Wei Xiaobao reported to the emperor about the tortoise-killing conference. Duolong also accidentally bumped into this conference. He wanted to report something more important to the emperor. Princess Jianning suddenly came and smashed the door and shouted Wei Xiaobao out. Wei Xiaobao thought To a quiet place, the emperor took him away. Princess Jianning shouted for a long time, but did not see Wei Xiaobao coming out, she guarded the door in anger.

Wei Xiaobao reported to the emperor that the empress dowager in Cining Palace was a fake, and that the real empress hid in the secret room under the queen dowager’s bed, and the emperor was immediately dumbfounded. Princess Jianning yelled outside, and the emperor was even more angry, and ordered Princess Jianning to be imprisoned. Wei Xiaobao cheered. The emperor weighed repeatedly and released Princess Jianning again, wanting her to lead the Queen Mother away, and then find a chance to rescue the true Queen.

The emperor invited a juggling team and asked Princess Jianning to take the queen mother to relax. Princess Jianning liked to watch juggling. The emperor asked her to invite the queen mother. If she couldn’t invite her, she would not even think about it. Princess Jianning was busy going to Cining Palace. Find the queen mother. As a result, she was blocked by the palace maid outside the palace gate, under the pretext that the queen mother had already rested. Princess Jianning was reluctant and wanted to break into the palace forcibly. The queen mother claimed that she had fallen asleep. Princess Jianning was not reconciled and had to return to report to the emperor.

The emperor sent someone to send Princess Jianning back to the palace, and she was not allowed to go out again, and then took Wei Xiaobao to the Cining Palace quietly, and found three court ladies standing guard at the door. The emperor asked the queen dowager to watch juggling. The queen mother was unwell, the emperor thought When I went in to visit, the Queen Mother resolutely refused to agree. The emperor sent guards to arrest the three court ladies and he led Wei Xiaobao into the Queen Mother’s palace.

The queen mother lay on the bed to sleep, and the emperor insisted on visiting him personally. He lied that a mouse ran in. Wei Xiaobao opened the curtain and found a man on the queen mother’s bed. The queen hurriedly put the quilt on the emperor, and the man escaped. Wei Xiaobao opened the secret passage under the bed and led the emperor into the secret room. After the emperor bowed down to his mother, he let Wei Xiaobao go out to watch the wind.

Wei Xiaobao found that there was a mechanism on the bed with a book hidden inside. The emperor invited the real empress back to Cining Palace. She didn’t want to stay in Cining Palace or sleep on that bed. The emperor promised to redecorate it. Princess Jianning hurried over. The queen mother didn’t want to see her. Wei Xiaobao hurried to the door to stop her. Princess Jianning didn’t listen at all and broke into the bedroom. The emperor took the opportunity to knock her out, and tried her best to intercede for her. The queen mother decided to let Jianning go. princess.

The Queen Mother thanked him for her life-saving grace and gave him a good reward. The emperor named him a first-class viscount. Wei Xiaobao was grateful, and the emperor asked him to take Princess Jianning away. Wei Xiaobao sent Princess Jianning back to the palace and found that all the maids had passed out. He was so frightened that he called for help.

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