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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 5 Recap

“An unfair god, there is no need to exist.” Xiaqin, who had suffered from a bad physique since childhood, did not believe in God, because the god of luck had never cared for her. Zhao Zimo was a little confused and embarrassed about Xia Qin’s total disbelief in the God of Wealth and no face. Facing the disappearance of faith, Zhao Zimo determined to start the name of Lingxiao Temple of Wealth. Zhao Zimo began a series of plans. In particular, all kinds of miracles soon spread in Lingxiao Village. The villagers thought that the God of Wealth had appeared, and they rushed to the God of Wealth Temple to worship.

The temple was so crowded that the “God of Wealth in Lingxiao Village” even became popular on searches. Xia Xian Qin and Zhao Zimo also conducted field inspections simultaneously, seeking any possibility for the co-prosperity of Lao Cai and the hotel. During the inspection, Zhao Zimo ate kumquat and became addicted to it, but it caused an allergic symptom he had never had before. Xia Qin was stung by a wasp in the suburbs. After tossing for a long time, the tired two returned to Lingxiao Village, only to find that the God of Wealth Temple had been stolen!!

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