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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 37 Recap

The news of the kidnapper’s shooting spread throughout Shanghai. The streets and alleys chanted news articles. On the day of the graduation ceremony of Lide Primary School, it was Shen Qinghe who secretly met with Lao Dong to hand over the task; it was also all the police officers who sent out to chase Gu Yaodong until he was forced to go Roof.

There are no adjacent houses around the roof platform, except for a low building in front of it. It happened that the door of the room was locked, and Gu Yaodong couldn’t open or break, but he didn’t have the slightest retreat. He was about to jump over the edge of the platform. Unexpectedly, Li Qikun and Xiao Derong hurriedly blocked them, and then pretended to look around, as if I couldn’t see Gu Yaodong, but it made Fatty Yu a little confused, and in the end he was pushed away by the two.

A fierce arrest came to an abrupt end here. Gu Yaodong looked at their distant backs, their eyes gradually reddening, and then rushed to Lide Elementary School at a critical moment, becoming the only relative of Yang Fuduo, and taking a photo with her in the graduation photo. on.

Fading away from the hustle and bustle of the prosperous city, the outskirts appear to be more desolate, still in that wasteland, the sky is high and the earth is wide, and the grass has no roots. Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe stood at the place where Yang Yixue was shot. The bloodstains in front of them had turned maroon. Because of their respective rescues, the two eventually reached the same intersection. Regardless of whether it was difficult or dangerous, they would move towards their goals. ,.

Gu Yaodong took the initiative to find Qi Shengping, explained the cause and effect to him with a proper compromise, and took out the envelope Xia Ji had dealt with. Qi Shengping heard some credibility from his reasons, but definitely would not be soft-hearted for a suspected low-level policeman unless he could be given the benefit of equivalent exchange. As Gu Yaodong expected, the first thing Xia Jicheng did when he returned home was to close the study door and open the letter under the lamp. As the reading time became longer, his expression gradually changed from serious to joy.

This is a generous gift from a rich and enemy country. If Xia Jicheng had not notified in advance, I am afraid that it would have been transferred to Japan by the traitor Zhou Heqin. Led by Qi Shengping, a team of plainclothes police raided the cargo ship and seized dozens of boxes of treasures within half an hour. Qi Shengping selected a few treasures from them to take home. Shen Qinghe stood next to him in disguise as a fisherman, and witnessed the plainclothes policemen removing the goods from the ship and Qi Shengping driving away in the car.

Gu Yaodong was sitting in the Chunfu restaurant, eating porridge absently, until the phone booth rang outside the window. After the bells rang one after another, Gu Yaodong finished feeding the cat with fish bones, and then walked into the police station building decently. Within a few seconds of his appearance, officers from the Criminal Division swarmed up from both sides and flew on. Pushing him to the ground, the quiet hall just now has exploded.

Police Officer Liu ordered the police to take Gu Yaodong upstairs. The two colleagues were all crowded at the top of the stairs. Although they looked worried, they were powerless. Li Qikun also wanted to help intercede, but the other party didn’t put him in the eyes at all. Zhao Zhiyong rushed forward and grabbed Gu Yaodong’s arm, striving to explain everything within a limited time. On the surface, it seemed to reprimand him for impulsive behavior, but the words revealed Secret information that is not known to outsiders.

When leaving Nanjing, Gu Yaodong specifically confessed that He Zuxing had taken refuge in the countryside, which meant that Zhao Zhiyong might come forward to report. However, Zhao Zhiyong did not do that, but instead considered Gu Yaodong’s safety everywhere. Hearing what Zhao Zhiyong said, Gu Yaodong looked at his anxious former friend in a complicated mood. He tried his best to show ignorance in the interrogation room, so as to cope with the suspicion of Wang Keda and Zhong Baiming.

Gu Yaodong was escorted out of the interrogation room. Zhong Baiming offered to exchange a few words with Gu Yaodong in an attempt to pry out clues about Xia Jicheng from his mouth. However, Gu Yaodong was already ready to speak, he was quite angry with Xia Jicheng, and the conversation revealed the alienation of the two.

The colleagues of the Second Penalty Division stayed in the office and sighed. It didn’t matter if they changed their jobs, but now their feelings are getting deeper, how can they sit back and ignore them. So Bao Yimin inquired about Gu Yaodong with Officer Liu, only to be told that there was “fate in but not out”. After hearing the news, everyone was completely chilled.

A few plainclothes sent many treasures to Qi’s house. This evening, I saw Qi Shengping and his wife busy admiring and admiring them. Madam Qi loves jewelry and jewellery, and she is still satisfied with the suspicion of Gu Yaodong. It is a nerd who comes out of the ivory tower, and he is a bit idealistic. Qi Shengping listened to his wife’s words, thoughtfully, still thinking about a soft countermeasure.

At the same time, in the gloomy torture room, Gu Yaodong was covered in bruises, watching the torture instrument aggravate, and still refused to disclose the slightest, but maintained a panic. It seemed to outsiders that he wanted to recruit but had nothing to do. Qi Shengping thinks that no matter how great Xia Jicheng’s affection is, it is always bigger than Gu Yaodong’s confession, so when he learned over the phone that there is still room for maneuver, he considered how to deal with the two chiefs of the police station.

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