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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 35 Recap

Ma Yingjun has learned to please Aunt Niu. In the past few years, Ma Yingjun has often gone to Aunt Niu’s shop to drink, and the relationship between the two has gradually improved. Moreover, Ma Yingjun also bought beautiful flowers for Aunt Niu. It is also very happy. Madada’s fame soon spread to the streets and alleys of Mayang Street. When customers often come to her restaurant and shop, they will praise Madada. Aunt Niu is very proud of it.

After so many years, Ma Xiaoxiao has not forgotten Ou Xiaojian, and will miss Ou Xiaojian from time to time, but it is only because of the kind of miss of friendship. Sun Xun has been secretly in love with Madada, and wants to find a chance to confess her. Madada knows her heart very well. She also knows that Sun Xun likes herself, but because the two are good partners since childhood, in order not to hurt her. Hayabusa, Madada decided to find an opportunity to hint him.

Madada agreed to Sun Falcon’s invitation and went to the amusement park to play with him. The two also had a good time. Madada was very comfortable from start to finish, just like when he was a child. But now as a big star and a public figure, she is easily recognized by passers-by, despite her disguise. Passers-by were very enthusiastic, and came up to find Madada. Sun Yan guards his heart eagerly and hugs Madada at the critical moment.

Suddenly there is an urge to kiss Madada, but Madada stops it. Madada told Sun Yan that she was about to return to Hong Kong to film and thank him for his continuous support and help. Sun Fook was a little bit disappointed when he heard that Madada was leaving. Suddenly a lot of fans gathered around. Sun Yan looked at the glamorous Madada in front of him. He knew that there was a distance between them, and he couldn’t walk in. He felt very uncomfortable.

Yi Dongdong still decided to go to Shenzhen, he left after handling a suspension of pay at the Bureau of Letters and Calls. Hao Pushi was a little worried at first, but later agreed to let Yi Dongdong go out and venture out, maybe changing the environment will make her feel different. She understands Yi Dongdong’s inner thoughts very well, but she still feels a little reluctant to Ma Xiaoxiao.

After Yi Dongdong came to Shenzhen, following Yi Shengli and Yi Nannan, his career was very impressive, and he also grew into a mature man. Ma Xiaoxiao continued to work as a lawyer in Mayang Street and became a particularly famous lawyer in the local law firm. The development of both is very good.

With the continuous development of reform and opening up, new changes have taken place in Mayang Street, and advanced products have entered Mayang Street. A Shuangcheng International Company wants to acquire Mayang Street, so that everyone can sign a demolition contract, and each household can get a lot of money. Liang Xiaobao and Zeng Hao also returned to Mayang Street to sign a contract because Grandma Ou and Zeng Zhenmei have passed away.

Zeng Hao actually hopes that if he signs the contract for the house, he will buy a house for Li Yun to express her gratitude to him. She also hopes that Liang Xiaobao can support her idea. Liang Xiaobao brought their daughter back. Lin Jiahao was very happy. It was also very gratifying to see Liang Xiaobao learn to help with cooking. However, Zeng Hao seemed to be a little temperamental. When he pointed at Lin Jiahao’s meals, the relationship between the two mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law kept chattering because of little things.

Yi Dongdong also returned to Mayang Street to help with the demolition of the contract. He did not expect to meet Ou Xiaojian, who is the head of Shuangcheng International Company. Ou Xiaojian did not want Yi Dongdong to tell others that he was in charge of this project. He heard that Sun Benyan and Chen Lili had no jobs and hoped to help Sun Yan in the demolition contract. The compensation for the demolition contract was provided by Shuangcheng International. Sincerity, the ratio of compensation is much higher than other streets.

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