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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 30 End Recap

All the truth is clear. Although Su Dake did not kill his mother, the mother did not die after taking the medicine he fed, and the mother must have thought that it was Su Dake’s medicine until she died. Su Da couldn’t accept this. He felt guilty about his mother’s death. He couldn’t even use suicide to escape. He only hoped that through the trial, everyone would spurn him to atone for his sins. Su Dake’s mind recurring scenes of his mother taking medicine and dying, Su Dake burst into tears, it was an endless torture.

In the court, Li Xuyao ​​stated that Su Dake’s mother was planned by the criminal suspect Gao Shu, and Cai Jing executed the killing. Su Dake gave her mother medicine without knowing it. This did not constitute a crime. He represented the Jianan Procuratorate and urged the court. Allow him to withdraw the prosecution against the defendant Su Dake. Yang Boqing asked Su Dake to make the final statement.

Su Dake still asked the presiding judge to sentence him to death so that he could continue to take care of his mother in another world. Yang Boqing said that he would disappoint Su Dake. In the end, the court decided to allow the procuratorate to withdraw the prosecution against Su Dake. Su Dake was released in court, and the case of Gao Shu and Cai Jing opened separately.

Li Xuyao ​​stopped Su Dake, who was still depressed, and encouraged Su Dake to step out of the past and live a brave and happy life. This is what his mother really wants to see. Su Dake nodded and shed tears. It may take time, but time will let everything pass, allowing a kind person to be reborn for his loved ones.

Qiao Nuo wondered how Wei Yutai persuaded Su Da, who wanted to die, to let her defend. Wei Yutai and Qiao Nuo quarreled that Qiao Nuo was worried. He proudly told Qiao Nuo that because Su Da surrendered and cooperated very well in handling the case, the judge would definitely punish him lightly. Su Da could not die and end his life imprisonment. It would be better to find himself to defend his innocence and anger the judge. Okay, let’s go straight to the death penalty.

Su Dacheng believed that it was true, and asked Wei Yutai to defend himself. Qiao Nuo didn’t expect Wei Yutai to use this trick and praised him for being smart. Wei Yutai no longer wastes time chatting with Qiao Nuo, and now he wants to rush to Fan Jiayi to share the good news of his case with her. Wei Yutai apologized to Fan Jiayi because he misunderstood that Fan Jiayi released his pigeons for Li Xuyao.

Fan Jiayi was surprised to hear sorry from Wei Yutai. She knew that Wei Yutai was unusual for herself, and asked when Wei Yutai had focused on her. Wei Yutai confessed that since the first time he saw Fan Jiayi, he felt that Fan Jiayi was different. He wants to be with Fan Jiayi. Fan Jiayi was a little shy. She took Wei Yutai to dinner and hung up his father’s call to introduce the young talent. What he didn’t know was that the young talent in his father’s mouth was Wei Yutai.

Jono is determined to find her sister. According to the clues left by her sister, Jono came to the secret flower sea where she hid things with her sister when she was a child. There, Jono found the laptop that Qiaoya had buried. It turned out that Qiaoya’s father left them for the safety of his family. He had been hidden in the criminal group for many years, just to one day be able to break the criminal group. After Qiao Ya knew, in order to help her father, she also embarked on this path. Qiaoya saw Ke’s father.

Qiao Nuo received Qiao Ya’s letter and met his sister at the beach. Jonuo can finally say goodbye to the court at ease. She confessed everything to everyone and promised that she would come back again. Qiao Nuo walked out of the door, and Li Xuyao ​​came to face him.

Qiao Nuo once asked Li Xuyao ​​if he had seen a black lighthouse? In Qiao Nuo’s view, the judge is the beacon in the dark, others can’t see it, but it always selflessly brings light to everyone who needs it. That day, she discovered that she wanted to be not her sister. Qiaoya, but a judge, a judge named Jono.

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