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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 29 Recap

Qiao Nuo took the bottle to Li Xuyao, hoping that he could take the bottle to the Public Security Bureau for fingerprint inspection. Li Xuyao ​​once again mentioned that what Qiao Nuo is doing now is not to investigate the case, but to solve his own problems, not to be a substitute for Qiao Ya, but to Qiao Nuo himself. Jono promised that the matter was over and she went to confess.

Wei Yutai waited for Qiao Nuo at the door. Qiao Nuo got on the car and asked Wei Yutai to go to the detention center to ask Su Dake for questioning, to verify whether his guess was correct. In the detention center, Su Dake was still in a depressed mood and looked unlovable. Qiao Nuo asked Su Dake if Cai Jing had reunited with him. Su Da did not answer, he just wanted to die quickly so that he could atone for his mother. Seeing him like this, Qiao Nuo deliberately angered him. Qiao Nuo reprimanded Su Dake for not being able to live without his mother. He just wanted to use death to escape the fear of facing the world alone. Su Dake was not filial, but cowardly.

The real murderer is at large, and his mother knows how to do it and will not look down. Su Dake feels guilty about Xie Zhi’s death. Qiao Nuo enlightens Su Dake. Although Su Dake is guilty, he cannot let the real murderer get away with it. Su Dake burst into tears at what Jonuo said, and he decided to cooperate with Jonuo. Su Dake said that one month before his mother died, Cai Jing said that he would take care of her mother with him, and he agreed.

Cai Jing visits her mother every day, at night. This news surprised Wei Yutai and Qiao Nuo, but they also felt that they were getting closer to the truth. Qiao Nuo received a call from Li Xuyao ​​who went to the Public Security Bureau to compare fingerprints, and learned that the bottle had been polluted too badly and there was no good fingerprint.

Qiao Nuo suddenly thought that he still had a broken cup in his hand with the fingerprints of Cai Jing and Gao Shu on it. So they bid farewell to Su Dake and hurried to the police station to deliver the cup. The two negotiated, and Qiao Nuo waited for the result of the comparison. Wei Yutai went to Cai Jing to ask about the situation, and at the same time watched Cai Jing.

Li Xuyao ​​was waiting for Qiao Nuo at the door of the Public Security Bureau. When Qiao Nuo got out of Wei Yutai’s car, his face was instantly hard to look. At the moment of eye contact, there seemed to be electrical sparks flickering between Li Xuyao ​​and Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai curled his lips and drove away. Li Xuyao ​​told Qiao Nuo that he could not understand that Qiao Nuo and Wei Yutai were together.

Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​waited for the comparison result together. The two recalled the past, Qiao Nuo wet his eyes, and she thanked Li Xuyao ​​for his company. Li Xuyao ​​confessed that he hoped to be with Jonuo, the real Jonuo.

The result of the comparison is the fingerprint of Cai Jing and Gao Shu. As Qiao Nuo judged, it was Cai Jing and Gao Shu who killed Qiao Nuo’s mother. On the other side, Wei Yutai learned from the landlord that Cai Jing had gone to the train station and wanted to return to his hometown. Wei Yutai quickly contacted Qiao Nuo and drove to the train station to intercept him. Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​rushed to Gaoshu Company, and learned that Gaoshu had gone to the train station, and hurried to the train station to rob people.

The three met at the train station and after some chasing, they finally caught Cai Jing and Gao Shu. The arrested Cai Jing and Gao Shu told the truth, it was Su Dake’s mother who was murdered by the two. Cai Jing helped Su Da to go to the supermarket to buy things, especially the rope, and took the opportunity to drop the sleeping pills into the cup, and reminded Su Da to not forget to feed his mother.

Su Da had no doubt about him, and gently fed his mother the medicine as usual. Qiao Nuo felt that something was wrong. She went to Ninghai Hospital where Su Dake took medicine to ask Doctor Tan about Su Dake’s mother. She learned that Su Dake’s mother had been taking sleeping pills for half a year.

Qiao Nuo instantly understood that Su Dake’s mother had known that there was sleeping pills in the cup, but she still chose to drink it. This is simply suicide. Su Da did not know that there was a problem with the medicine. It was not until his mother became cold that he realized that her mother was killed by him. Su Da was so guilty that he could not forgive himself. He just wanted to die, so after a week of decadence, he decided to surrender. .

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