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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 6 Recap

Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian to take care of the house and thanked her for her breakfast. Qi Nian was exasperated because she read the sentence I like when Ji Yanxin said behind her back. She happily led Qibao as a mistress. Ji Qiu came to the house to look for Ji Yanxin but saw Qi Nian, she seriously suspected that this was an illegitimate meal in revenge. Qi Nian called Ji Yanxin to solve the misunderstanding, and Ji Yanxin also asked her to take good care of the guests.

Gu Qingwu came to the coffee shop but found that Pei Siqi had resigned. She was disappointed to leave. When friends saw her comforting her, there were a lot of fresh meat around her, but there were not many good-looking and capable talents. Gu Qingwu and the company The video calls of the little fresh meats, they are all the team that helped Gu Qingwu hit the rankings. When they hung up the phone, their smiles instantly became cold, which shows that the handsome guy can’t say anything cruel. The company is about to recruit new people, and Gu Qingwu is determined to choose the capable ones.

Qi Nian pleases Ji Qiu to learn the secret of the room downstairs, Ji Qiu is proud that Ji Yanxin is not so good to Qi Nian. In fact, Ji Qiu only knew that there was an old-fashioned telephone in the room, which he cherished very much. He had been violently violent for half a year because he broke in by mistake. The phone in the room downstairs rang when the two were chatting. Qi Nian and Ji Qiu were entangled in whether or not to go in. Ji Qiu was also afraid that there would be important things on the phone.

Qi Nian plucked up the courage to break in, but they answered the phone but was hung up without a sound. Qi Nian hurriedly called back. She prayed that the other party must be connected, otherwise she would not be able to explain clearly. The call was not connected, but Ji Yanxin came back home early. Qi Nian, who violated the agreement, had to apologize to Ji Yan through a music player, and Ji Yanxin followed Qi Nian and turned on the street light at the door for her.

Qi Nian sat lonely on the steps, and the warm-hearted Pei Siqi told him that the story of the Blue Beard King had another ending. He knew what was in the room and gave the key to his wife because what he was expecting was that his wife could truly love herself when she knew who she was. Unfortunately, none of his previous wives did it. Qi Nian suddenly realized that maybe Ji Yanxin wanted to go in so that he could know more about him. Pei Siqi ordered Qi Nian’s favorite red soup hot pot, which was so spicy as a dog. Qi Nian was finally amused, Pei Siqi told her that she had lost her ID and now she had to see that annoying brother in order to reissue the ID. I called him all afternoon and just didn’t answer. Qi Nian comforted Pei Siqi to say goodbye to dog licking and learn to walk independently.

Pei Siqi began to have a stomachache the next day, and he collapsed to the point of shaking hands. Pei Siqi was so upset that he blamed his brother for not letting him do anything so that he was so embarrassed to have a hot pot meal. Ji Siqi was drawing at home. A sneeze made him draw the wrong line. He habitually called Qi Nian’s name, but he never responded. He picked up the eraser and gently wiped it off and continued to draw.

Qi Nian always named bad works. Pei Siqi remembered that both his and his brother’s names were derived from “The Analects”, and Qi Nian read “The Analects” and got the inspiration of the name “beautiful man is suitable for repair”. Pei Siqi told her that the creativity of her work can also come from the virtual world. He took Qi Nian to the room to find inspiration for Qi Nian by interacting with the overbearing president-type Mr. J and the heroine named Xiaoqi in the game. But the hidden scene of this character is difficult to find, and no one has cleared the level yet. Qi Nian never gave up, and Ji Yanxin, who was so difficult to play, could persevere, and a game was nothing.

Qi Nian began to play Raiders day and night to find hidden dungeons, but other characters can pass the level, but this unpleasant Mr. J cannot pass the level. Especially the phrase “I am not interested in love” is Ji Yanxin himself. Mr. J sent three tasks, the last of which is-if I let you go, then you must remember to come back. After playing for three days in Qi Nian, I can add WeChat to each other when I become friends with Mr. J, but I haven’t added Ji Yanxin’s WeChat in reality. Suddenly the phone rang, Qi Nian was excited to find that Ji Yanxin took the initiative to add his WeChat, but the other party was Ji Qiu fake.

Ji Qiu told Qi Nian that Ji Yanxin hadn’t come out in the room for a long time, and Qibao couldn’t eat and lost a lot. Qi Nian still couldn’t rest assured, Ji Yanxin, lying lonely on the sofa, heard the door being opened, and his eyes finally lit up the moment he saw Qi Nian. Qi Nian thought that Ji Yanxin didn’t like that he came in so recklessly and was about to turn away. Ji Yanxin hurriedly pulled him, but after a few days he didn’t get a good rest, he violently fell on the carpet with two people. Ji Yanxin squeezed Qi Nian’s face and finally confirmed that he hadn’t dreamed when he watched Qi Nian shouting in pain.

Qi Nian saw that Ji Yanxin was uncomfortable, so he poured water and asked him to unbutton the button and let him dissipate heat. Such a bad thing can only be said by the silly girl Qi Nian, but Ji Yanxin really started to unbutton the collar, scared Qi Nian quickly turned around. Qi Nian confessed to Ji Yanxin again. She found that no matter how sweet the characters in the second element are, they can’t drink Ji Yanxin. In her own eyes, only Ji Yanxin is a foil. Ji Yanxin raised his hand and touched Qi Nian’s head, saying that it is not an example. These words are simply ad hoc. Qi Nian happily buzzes around Ji Yanxin like a bee. Ji Yanxin pushes her down on the sofa and covers her mouth. She just needs to be quiet.

Qi Nian planned to stay at night to take care of the sick Ji Yanxin. Pei Siqi called and worried about her, but Qi Nian said that it would be fine to take care of her boss. Pei Siqi wanted to ask Qi Nian to go to the cartoonist signing event. Of course Qi Nian was happy, but this made Ji Yanxin unhappy. He took the phone and said coldly that she had no time.

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