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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 5 Recap

Qi Nian feels that it is unrealistic to let Key Jiang be his assistant. Who would be willing to endure this boring and difficult career? Xinxin asked about her love affair with Ji Yanxin. Qi Nian said that he was really in love, but Ji Yanxin rejected him. I’m afraid the two will never see each other again. The world of food is unique. Xinxin only focuses on fried chicken and takes out a tissue from her pocket but presents a business card of Ji Yanxin. Only then did Qi Nian react. Ji Yanxin secretly stuffed her business card into her pocket while helping her pick up her mobile phone on the bus.

When Qi Nian came to the office, Li Yue laughed at her and became bolder after her confession. He told Ji Yanxin that she was not the university professor she knew now. He was his own boss and a top designer in the construction industry. He was at work. But it is more demanding. Qi Nian came to his home by sending documents to Ji Yanxin, but saw Shao Zui, who was wearing a kimono and bathrobe, curling her hair ties. Shao Zui deliberately called Ji Yanxin with an ambiguous tone, which made Qi Nian almost collapsed and thought that the male god had a different orientation. Qi Nian yelled to avoid hearing Shao Zui’s voice. Ji Yanxin came out and called Qi Nian in. He didn’t like Qi Nian calling himself professor and President Ji, so Qi Nian had to call him Teacher Ji.

Shao Zui bought vegetables to cook for Ji Yanxin, and said that he had obtained a chef’s certificate abroad, but the cooking was hard to swallow. But Ji Yanxin, who focused on reading, didn’t respond, and would eat whatever he fed him. Qi Nian patted his chest to take care of Ji Yanxin’s daily life. Ji Yanxin refused at first, but Shao Zui couldn’t bear that he and Ji Yanxin were always being messed up by his cousin Ji Qiu. Ji Yanxin’s sentence is what you think of as approval.

Shao Zui reminded Qi Nian to keep a distance with Ji Yanxin when he did not accept her, especially in this house to strictly abide by his rules. But if he starts to accept Qi Nian, then Qi Nian will listen to what he said. How could Qi Nian’s little brain understand such complicated words, when he was familiar with the house, Ji Yanxin prevented her from entering, and warned the room that absolutely refused anyone to enter. Qi Nian asked him to lock it altogether, but Ji Yanxin not only didn’t lock it, his strong aura made Qi Nian never dare to ask anymore. He didn’t say that it was okay, but this aroused Qi Nian’s serious curiosity.

Key sauce looked at the male protagonist in the Qi Nian comics, thinking about the dispute with Gu Qingwu during the day, and exclaimed angrily that such a man has no advantage except for being handsome. Qi Nian knew that Key Chan was in a bad mood, she said to Key Chan carefully, in fact, he also had a gentle side. When he draws a picture, nothing can distract him, but when he doesn’t draw a picture, he has no inspiration and will clean up frantically.

As long as he enters the mysterious room and comes out, the hostility will dissipate. The whole person became gentle. Key sauce tells a story to Qi Nian. A long time ago, a beautiful girl married the King Bluebeard. The king loved her very much and gave her the entire palace to take care of. The room with only a golden key is definitely not allowed to enter. But one day curiosity drove her to open this room, unexpectedly, it was all the corpse of the king’s former wife. The king felt that this was a betrayal to him and wanted to kill her. Fortunately, the girl’s brother appeared to save her.

Qi Nian came to Ji Yanxin’s house to clean, watching the mysterious room key sauce’s story circling her ears again. Just as Qi Nian stretched out his hand to open the door, there was a sound of grunting in the swimming pool. Qi Nian ran out, and Qi Bao, who was soaked all over, rushed over and made mud footprints.

Ji Yanxin knew that Qibao knew how to look at people’s glances and that some people weren’t fooling around. He asked Qi Nian if Qibao had gone where she shouldn’t go when she jumped into the pool. Qi Nian shook his head. Ji Yanxin trusted her very much and picked up a towel to wipe Qibao’s feet. Looking at Qi Nian, who was wronged and aggrieved, he put a towel on her head, not as an example.

Key sauce sat pitifully on the steps, nibbling on ice cream. He lost all the keys to his mobile wallet and had to eat desserts to vent. Qi Nian was about to open the door only to find that the key had fallen in Ji Yanxin’s home. Reluctantly, this number finds someone to open the lock, after all, where will the boss give the employees the keys. Although Qi Nian is addicted to spicy food, she still succumbed to the key sauce and cooked the clear soup hot pot.

She proposed to let the key sauce be a full-time cartoonist, but an uncharacteristically arrogant key sauce made herself useless. When he ran away from home for comics, he was even more angry with his brother who thought he would not succeed. But after the submission was rejected, she gradually realized the reality and began to live by working and painting colleagues. Qi Nian took out the manga he helped to edit the manga last time.

The most popular one was the scene drawn by Key Chan hastily, and he solemnly invited Key Chan to be his assistant. Key-chan said that if she is determined to paint, she will give up all part-time jobs and just follow Qi Nian, then she will carry all her dreams. Qi Nian would definitely help him realize his dream as long as he had himself in him. This makes Key Chan actually have the illusion of being proposed by a young girl, but she ended up in her narcissism before she even started. Key sauce is now Pei Siqi after his mother’s surname, and the two have become partners in comics.

In Qi Nian early in the morning, I came to Ji Yanxin’s house to make breakfast bitingly, and the appearance of the dishes was quite in Ji Yanxin’s eyes. But when she sat in this position, Ji Yanxin still looked as though she was possessed by the cold current, completely disregarding her pleasing. Qi Nian watered the lawn with Ji Yanxin in his mouth, and the naughty Qibao wanted to come and play with her. Ji Yanxin, who came out to breathe the air, looked at this playful and warm picture and even smiled, which was silly, and then she poured Ji Yanxin into a soup in the next second.

Qi Nian asked if Ji Yanxin belonged to the dog group, but Ji Yanxin denied that he just regarded Qibao as his family, and it has become a habit to raise it. When Ji Yanxin finishes his work, he will go out. He raises his hand and touches Qi Nian’s head and tells her that habit is a deeper emotion than he likes. He also put a golden key on Qi Nian’s key, which is the key to Ji Yanxin’s house. .

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