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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 4 Recap

Ji Yanxin tells her cousin Qi Nian is now his girlfriend, if she respects herself, she should respect her sister-in-law first. Qi Nian thought of the words his cousin said, and he did come to Mingda as an assistant teacher through Liu Xia. Qi Nian wrote a letter of resignation to bid farewell to Ji Yan’s letter, which is more than perfect interpretation of her inner feelings. However, the social animal at work is not worthy of hurting the spring and the autumn.

Xinxin’s phone call came to the competition and the submission of the competition was advanced. Qi Nian needed to drive out three cartoons to participate in the first half of the competition as scheduled. She had to pick up her schoolbag to cover it and ran into the heavy rain. Ji Yanxin looked at the portraits of himself around the table, still holding up his umbrella and coming to the door, but in the heavy rain, only the quiet campus was as empty as his heart at the moment.

Qi Nian returned home, unable to wipe the rain off her body, and went to work, but she was not an iron man, and fell to the ground groggy from the cold and emotional trauma. Key sauce made her go to the hospital with a high fever, but she didn’t have the time and money to spend it, so she drank the medicine indiscriminately and got up again. Key Jiang graciously offered to help Qi Nian write and hook up the line, so that he could have enough time to deliver the paper on time.

Ji Yanxin came to attend the seminar but couldn’t get in touch with Qi Nian. Qi Nian arranged for his former teaching assistant to assist him in the reporting work, but the PPT in the USB flash drive could not be opened anyhow. Only Qi Nian had a backup. The teaching assistant finally got in touch with Qi Nian, but Qi Nian only had the scrapped manuscripts in his hands. He gave up his drawings in order to Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian gave up his drawings.

After finishing the report, the documents were too large to be sent. Without hesitation, Qi Nian picked up the U disk and rushed to the seminar site to deliver it to Ji Yanxin in time. Looking at Qi Nian, who was sweaty and pale, Ji Yanxin frowned and worried. As expected, he still fainted on the steps.

Waking up again, Qi Nian was already in the hospital, and Ji Yanxin was sitting aside guarding her. Qi Nian panicked and feared that Ji Yanxin had missed the seminar because he had missed the seminar. Ji Yanxin only said that the seminar was postponed to pay by himself. The assistant called to greet Qi Nian. She had never seen Professor Ji so panicked before, and she gave up such a good opportunity. Qi Nian feels guilty, Ji Yanxin disagrees, this is just a choice he made.

After the infusion, Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin walked to the stop sign one after the other, and they happened to be on the 520 bus that Liu Xia confessed to Li Yue romantically. Qi Nian realized the heartbeat of seeing Ji Yanxin, and recalled that Key Jiang said that only by liking the male protagonist from the heart can write a good passage. She plucked up the courage to confess to Ji Yanxin in public when she jumped to 5:20 in bus time.

On the bus, the employees of the architectural office saw the boss being confessed, and the gossip universe broke out in an instant. A group of melon-eating people were expecting Ji Yanxin’s answer. Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian when he began to seriously like him, and Qi Nian answered the question honestly. Ji Yanxin was not interested in this kind of little girl’s spontaneous confession. He didn’t think he had to respond to this whim. Qi Nian said that he could like him for a longer period of time, and he could wait until he felt qualified before answering. When the bus swayed Zhong Qinian’s cell phone and dropped to the ground, Ji Yanxin picked it up and put it in her pocket. Before getting off the train at the station, Qi Nian asked if Ji Yanxin agreed, but he only replied with you on the basis.

Qi Nian made amends to Xinxin because he missed the time of submission. Xinxin not only didn’t blame her, but also told him that the manuscript had been submitted one hour in advance, and Qi Nian immediately knew that it was Key Jiang who helped him with the final repair and upload. Qi Nian’s work was finally selected, but she was required to make a full-color page before the selection. Such a large workload said Qi Nian was impossible. Xinxin saw that someone helped her to edit the manga, and she asked Qi Nian to find him as an assistant to complete the task.

Key sauce brought a cup of latte coffee with the heroine of “The Other Side of the Cloud” with meticulously made, but was rejected by the female customer wearing a mask. She thinks that this kind of ancient time can not even find resources after five years. Man is really disgusting. These words can stimulate the key sauce, but his favorite comic is so insulted. He saw the first comic “Flower and Romance” being read on the mobile phone of female customers, and counterattacked that what he hates most is this comic. There is its author Lu Qingwu. The two were at war, and the waiter on the side hurriedly made rounds for coffee. But this unruly female customer is actually Lu Qingwu, she is the goddess of comics with the most commercial value.

The other side of the cloud is actually her debut work under the pseudonym Qiyueqingwu. But the strange thing is that after she became popular, she immediately drew the line and devalued the work. Fans recognized Lu Qingwu and showed her his own picture album, but were utterly uttered. Key-chan spoke to stop him, but Lu Qingwu arrogantly dismissed him at all. Qi Nian and Xinxin were eating fried chicken and talking about the difficulty of being a cartoonist. When Xinxin went to get the paper towels in Seven Years’ pocket, they even took out a business card with a letter from the architectural firm Ji Yan.

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