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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 38 Recap

Yelvxian’s illness was unbearable, and Yuxiao had been with Yelvxian, feeding Yelvxian the analgesic given by Gu Dili. Xiao Yanyan learned that Yelvxian was ill again. She learned that Yelvxian no longer took decoctions and could only relieve her pain with analgesic pills. She never thought that Yelvxian’s illness was so serious that Diligu and Han Kuangsi were helpless.

To the point. Later, Xiao Yanyan came to visit Yelvxian, and Yelvxian asked Yuxiao to stand with the court lady, but did not tell Yanyan about Yuxiao. Yanyan glanced at Yu Xiao again, and didn’t think much about other things, only to blame Ye Luxian for hiding her serious illness. Ye Luxian didn’t want to add some worries to Yan Yan, he just wanted to spend the rest of these days in peace.

Li Si’er learned that Yelvxian and Xiao Yanyan were reconciled. She asked Han Deran to return home on the grounds that she was ill. At this time, Han Deran was talking to Xiao Yanyan about Yeluxian’s serious illness. He learned that Si’er had a distressed attack and quickly returned to the home. . Back in the mansion, Han Dejang couldn’t help being a little angry when seeing Li Si’er unharmed. Li Sier would rather the world treat her as a jealous mad woman, rather than Han Deran entering the palace again and getting involved in the dispute of the emperor.

Handejang thought that he had no way out. Li Sier mentioned Yelvxian’s moodiness and persuaded Handejang not to enter the palace except for Shang Dynasty, just because of his parents’ consideration. Hande let him know that Li Sier was thinking about himself, he just said that he would think more about it.

When Han Derang was upset, Xiyin sent someone to send an invitation, and he went to the Zhao Palace to meet the appointment. Xi Yin banquet invited Han Deran. When mentioning the contributions of Han Deran over the years, Xiao Yanyan and Han Deran have been doing their best for Daliao. However, Yelvxian was a sick child, but secretly took a Bohai woman as a concubine. He was addicted to the harem and ignored political affairs and was totally unworthy. Be the lord of Da Liao. Hande-jean did not listen to Xiyin’s remarks. He asked Xiyin to say cautiously that it is not easy for Daliao to have today’s prosperity. Xiyin became more arrogant.

He mentioned that Yelvxian dismantled Handejean and Yanyan back then and promised that as long as Handejan helped him. With a hand, he will let Han Deran and Yanyan relive their old dreams. Yelvxian would never be in a mess with Xiyin. He warned Xiyin to see the situation clearly. Now Daliao has become so stable and peaceful because of Yelvxian. He can be regarded as not hearing Xiyin’s words today, but If Xiyin is still clinging to the realization, it is only self-defeating.

Xiao Yanyan and Yeluxian were walking in the palace together. Yeluxian was going to make his eldest son Manjusri as the king of Liang. Only after he was made can he establish his own Oruduo. It is also a good thing for Manjusri. After that, the two came to visit Manjusri and the eldest princess Guanyin’er. Manjusri talked about his views on Taizong politics, which made Yelvxian and Yanyan look at each other with admiration, and Guanyin’er mentioned that the nurse not only taught her to make Yelvxian happy , It keeps her away from Handejang. When Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian heard Guan Yin’er’s words, they both couldn’t help but stunned.

Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian summoned Guanyin’er’s nurse. Yanyan accused the nurse of arbitrarily discussing the important affairs of the court. The nurse told the rumors she had heard. The second prince was conceived by Xiao Yanyan when she rushed to Youzhou to relieve the siege. She didn’t like Yeluxian either, she was afraid that the eldest princess and Handran would attract rumors. Hearing these rumors, Yelvxian looked unhappy, and asked her mother to order a thorough investigation of the matter. At this time, Han Derang came to see him in a hurry. He wanted to ask about the Bohai woman, but he stopped because Xiao Yanyan was there and learned of the rumors in the palace. It just so happened that Wu Guli also came to see Xiao Yanyan in the palace at this time, and Han Deran had to retire first.

Wu Guli accompanied Xiao Yanyan to the palace to speak alone. Wu Guli claimed that these rumors in the palace came from Li Sier. Li Sier was jealous that Handejang always went in and out of the palace, so she wanted to cut off Handejang’s official career so that Handejeong would follow. She returned to Youzhou. Xiao Yanyan thinks this is unlikely. Han Dejang did not mention this matter just now. Wuguli thinks that it is normal for men not to know that the women in the back house are cautious. Although Yanyan is a little suspicious in her heart, she still let Wu Don’t make guesswork in your bones, there is no substantive evidence for this. After leaving the black bones, Xiao Yanyan sent someone to ask Han Deran to come.

Brother Qing, the maid of the palace next to Xiao Yanyan, begged to see Han Deran, and Han Deran was not in the house. Li Sier had to come forward to deal with Brother Qing. Brother Qing said that he was here to give Xiao Yanyan a gift from the palace.

This wine is a treasure from the palace. Please ask Han Deran to taste . After Handerang returned to the house, Li Sier took out the wine gifted by Yanyan, but before Handerang drank it, the queen summoned him, so he had to put down the wine glass and prepare to enter the palace. Li Sier stopped him and refused to let Hande Ran into the palace. Hande Rang said that this was the last time.

He would not enter the palace after he thoroughly investigated the rumors. He would explain everything to Li Sier after he returned. Li Si’er watched Han Derong leave. She was crying in the house. She was just afraid that Han Derong would have an accident in the palace, and she was afraid that she could not sleep until night. When Han Desi was absent, Li Sier, who didn’t even touch his wine on weekdays, drank the wine bestowed by Xiao Yanyan in anguish. The wine was mixed with tears.

In the palace, Xiao Yanyan told Handejean that the rumors were that Li Sier had passed out. Handejeong believed in Li Sier. She was definitely not such a person. Even if Xiao Yanyan thought that Li Sier was most likely to embarrass her by creating this rumor, Handejean also supported Li Sier and Li Sier lingering. I have been sick for many years, and there must be a misunderstanding. Xiao Yanyan asked Han Derang to go home and ask Li Sier first. If this matter was done by Li Sier, she could only stop investigating the matter. At this moment, people from the Han Mansion claimed that Li Si’er had drunk poisonous wine and was about to die. Han De was shocked, and Xiao Yanyan quickly sent an imperial doctor to the Han Mansion.

Hande let back home in a hurry, but he didn’t have time to see Li Sier one last time. Looking at the lifeless woman in front of him, Han De let his eyes become red. He wept. He also learned that the poisoned wine was sent by the young man in the palace. The young man was ordered by the queen. This is enough to make you want to hurt Sier. The man is Yanyan. Hande let you be ashamed of Li Si’er. He did not do everything in his life as a husband, but he still made Si’er die because of him. On the other side, Xiao Yanyan also learned that Brother Qing was giving away wine, and ordered the whole city to search the whereabouts of Brother Qing.

Han Mansion held a funeral, Hande let grief send luggage Sier, Yanyan came to Han Mansion to express condolences, she never harmed Li Sier, and she was not ashamed. Looking at the white funerals in the full house, Xiao Yanyan asked Han Derang to let the mourning change, and also talked with Han Derang about Li Sier alone. The poisonous wine was not given by her. Han Derang let Yanyan not need to say much. If Xiao Yanyan insisted on asking him to return to Beijing that day, Li Si’er would not die. Now let Li Si’er rest in peace.

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