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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 37 Recap

Ye Luxian returned to the room and apologized to Yan Yan. Yan Yan smiled relieved and decided to turn the story over. The reforms were still proceeding slowly. Ye Luxian and Yanyan slowly recommended the imperial examination system and taxation system, which stabilized the people of Daliao. Now Yelvxian is already a son and daughter around the knees. He feels distressed that Yanyan just gave birth to the prince and will supervise the government order soon. At the same time, he asked Han Derang and Brother Xiu about the effect of using the new system to eliminate soldiers. Xiao Yanyan said Yelvxian was overjoyed with the initial results of the army soldiers.

Sure enough, Handejan never let him down. Now that the imperial examination has resumed, he seems to have seen the prosperity of Daliao. In his heart, he always wanted to say to Han Derang and Yan Yan that he thanked the two from the bottom of his heart. It was the two of them who helped him accomplish things that the Liao emperors could not accomplish.

Xiao Yanyan has been busy with government affairs. Ye Luxian couldn’t wait for Xiao Yanyan to have a meal with him. He fainted on the table. After waking up, Ye Luxian learned that his condition had worsened again, but Dili Gu had no effect after changing the medicine. He knew that his life was about to end. Ye Luxian came to Kaihuang Hall.

He sat aside and watched Yanyan deal with state affairs. Diligu came to Han Kuangsi because of Yeluxian’s illness. Although Han Kuangsi was a criminal, his loyalty never changed. He can save Yelvxian, he should do his best, but Yelvxian is indeed exhausted, I am afraid that he can only last for two years at most, and the two are also powerless.

When Xiao Yanyan was having dinner with Ye Luxian, Xiao Yanyan mentioned the turmoil in the border city. I am afraid that she could not accompany Ye Luxian to sing a bowl this time. Ye Luxian knew that the burden of Daliao was on Yan Yan alone. He didn’t mention his condition, and only responded to Yan Yan.

Xie Zhen has always been obsessed with Xiao Hailan. He begged Darin for his previous visit and asked Darin to help him lead the red line. Da Lin asked about what Xie Zhen wanted to do after making things difficult. Xie Zhen wanted Xiao Hailan to like him, and then asked to marry Xiao Hailan. For this reason, Xie Zhen also wanted to ask the queen to change his position, so that he could be with Hailan in Youzhou. Seeing Xie Zhen so affectionate, Darin also said that Xiao Yanyan had called Xiao Hailan into the palace to accompany the emperor, and Xie Zhen was greatly delighted after hearing this.

Ye Luxian came to the bowl alone. He heard a beautiful piano sound as he walked around. Following the sound of the piano, Ye Luxian saw a woman in white. The woman’s music was very sad. Her name was Yu Xiao. It is one of the 36 beauties presented by the Bohai Ministry. Ye Luxian talked to Yu Xiao, but Yu Xiao did not want to pay much attention to Ye Luxian, but when she saw that Ye Luxian had a headache, she stepped forward to help Ye Luxian massage the headache. Yelvxian’s symptoms were indeed relieved. After asking Yelvxian’s opinion, the mother-in-law brought Yuxiao back to the palace, and Yuxiao took care of Yelvxian.

Handerang and Xiao Yanyan were discussing matters in the palace. Li Sier said that he had a headache and was guilty of illness. When Han Derang returned home, he saw Li Si’er and invited a visiting doctor from unknown origin to come back. She only asked for an offspring. Handrean went back to the room and talked about Li Sier, so that Li Sier didn’t have to worry about her heirs, but Li Sier persuaded Hande to accept concubines, and Hande refused. Li Si’er wanted to know whether Handejean was unwilling to accept concubines for her or Yanyan.

Why would he be left in the palace every day after Handejeong’s resignation. She was worried about Handejeong and did not want Handejean to be too close to Xiao Yanyan. No matter how tolerant and generous, he would never let go of what happened between Handerang and Yanyan. Hand let know Li Sier’s worry about himself, he took Li Sier into his arms and caressed her.

Ye Luxian wanted to send Yu Xiao back to Bohai, but Yu Xiao was unwilling to leave. She just wanted to be with Ye Luxian to make Ye Luxian have a happier life. When Ye Luxian heard this, he also left Yu Xiao. Although Xiao Yanyan was shrewd and capable, she couldn’t be by his side all the time. He planned to take Yu Xiao back to the palace and give Yu Xiao a place. At the same time, Ye Luxian also warned Yu Xiao that no one could shake Yan Yan’s position anytime. Xiyin learned that Yelvxian had taken Yuxiao privately, and Yanyan was still in the dark. He planned to use this to win over Han Dejang and let Han Dejang’s soldiers and horses of the South Campus be used for him.

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