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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 7 Recap

Haodong and Shuxian ran for many years to get married, but it only took ten minutes to complete the divorce procedures. Haodong moved out of his home with Shuxian and withdrew from the old classmates group. His life with a masked couple with Shuxian came to an end. After the divorce, these men gathered together. Kesen told Haodong as someone who had come over, and he decided to leave his hands. The relationship must not be half-hearted, and it is not fair to everyone; Shouyi thinks that Haodong is in his sixtieth year. Divorced just now, it’s very wrong, and there is no consideration. The three men shared their lives and thoughts, but after all, they were men, drinking and watching life indifferently.

Women are different, especially old women. Xiuyan and Jinjin accompany Shu Xian to curse Hao Dong, and they will not get good results when they grow old. After the divorce, Shuxian was relieved. She knew that it would be good for everyone, because next she had to face her ruined body. Breast cancer recurred. This was the reason Shu Xian decided to divorce, but no one knew that she did not want to be sympathized or worried. Shu Xian decided to face the future life alone.

There are two most sorry people in Kesen this life, and the other is Tianqing. After retiring, Kesen has a lot of time, so he often ran to Yilan to accompany Tianqing to relax, grow vegetables, help wash the towels in the barbershop, dry towels, etc. In short, he gradually entered Tianqing’s life, making his original life boring. Tianqing, I feel happy for the first time in my life.

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