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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 6 Recap

During the graduation trip, catalyzed by alcohol, Kesen kissed Tianqing. Since then, the world of the two has changed. Jinjin didn’t agree, she decided to cheer up for love, remembering that Ye Tianqing leaned on her shoulders, thinking that she was so lucky that true love was beside her, so she shifted her goal to Tianqing.

Xiuyan was puzzled by Shuxian’s abnormality that day, but she knew that there must be something wrong with Shuxian and Haodong, so she took the initiative to make an appointment with Shuxian, but Shuxian asked for an appointment because she said something was wrong. On the other hand, Zhijia couldn’t help telling Xiuyan that what he and Yitong saw that day, Xiuyan was furious, and went straight to the school, planning to ask Shuxian to ask.

Love is powerful, Jinjin used the vacation to ride alone to Yilan to find Tianqing. He said to relax, but actually wanted to have a long time. Tianqing understands the meaning of Jinjin, but he is afraid of hurting Jinjin. Heart, had no choice but to quietly let Jinjin visit. Time slowly came to fall. These old classmates still insisted on what they wanted.

Whether it was Jinjin or Shuxian, they all had reasons not to give up. Only Tianqing, who was used to being alone for many years, He had no relatives or goals, and there seemed to be nothing to persist in life. When he thought that he had nothing to lose, the only old dog who accompanied him died.

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