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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 5 Recap

Zhijia, who came across Haodong’s extramarital affairs, and Yitong had a big quarrel because of their completely different views on love. Zhijia believed that Shuxian should be told, but Yitong advocated that love is a private matter and bystanders should take care of it. Nosy, the two held their own opinions, and finally broke up unhappy. Life is unsatisfactory, nine out of ten, the unscripted performance is not only beautiful and meticulously arranged, even Jinjin’s courtship trip, Shuxian and Haodong’s wedding anniversary, are all messed up during this trip.

A group of people arrived at the homestay. The beautiful mountains and rivers made everyone unhappy. Only Shuxian and Hao Dong appeared uncomfortable. Hao Dong’s deliberately good manners of men seemed ridiculous in Yitong’s eyes. Zhijia learned that tonight was secretly going to help Shuxian and Haodong celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and thought that perhaps this could relieve their marital crisis, so he was optimistic.

At night, Tianqing couldn’t sleep, and found Jinjin alone in the yard and sighed. Jinjin confided to Tianqing that she liked Kesen, and she had confessed twice in a row but was tactfully rejected. She had no choice but to ask Tianqing to help. As Kesen’s best friend, Tianqing naturally knew the reason for Kesen’s refusal, but how could he say it, so he had to lend his shoulders to Jinjin who fell in love. He gently told Jinjin, God There are still many good men underneath, and perhaps Kesen is not the most suitable for her. The journey came to the end, everyone ended with full of regrets, only Kesen did not end, but began.

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