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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Liqian fainted by Shao Yufang. Shao Yufang and the hotel staff Zhou Tiefu and Zhang Lihua perfectly restored the scene. Zhang Liqian went to the counter to question when he woke up and learned that the hotel “may be” haunted. Xia Xiaqin still has many questions about Zhao Zimo, and her best friend Shao Yufang advised Xia Qin to let everything go with the flow. Xiaqin didn’t want her tenth generation’s bad luck to affect Zhao Zimo, but decided to reject Zhao Zimo’s job application. Unexpectedly, Zhao Zimo continued to recommend herself. This kind of firmness and fearlessness moved Xiaqin. Xia Xianqin’s physique of abusing disaster again occurred.

She accidentally fell into the water by the swimming pool of her hotel. Zhao Zimo tried her best to rescue her. At the moment when the two of them came into contact, the pictures of previous lives flashed into Zhao Zimo’s mind one by one, making him want to find out about himself. Previous life. Zhang Liqian ran into Shao Yufang in Laojie. After realizing that he had been harassed, he asked Xiaqin to fire the employee as a sign of responsibility. Faced with Zhang Liqian’s various difficulties, Shao Yufang shouldered the responsibility and was willing to be punished. But Zhang Liqian was so easy to dismiss. He set the conditions and asked Shao Yufang to do “three things” for him.

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