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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 2 Recap

A series of unexpected events made Xiaqin exhausted. Unexpectedly, “exhibitionists” appeared in the wardrobe in the middle of the night? ! After being demoted to the world, the waste god of wealth “Zhao Zimo” descended directly from the closet and appeared naked in Xiaqin’s room. In the chaos, Zhao Zimo fainted to the ground. When he woke up, Zhao Zimo was put in a detention center. He found that his magic weapon, good fortune, was gone, and his own mana was gone, and he was helpless in the face of the embarrassment.

The worst thing is that after the gossiping hotel staff “accidentally said that they slipped”, the entire Lingxiao village knew that Xiaqin was bullied, and the villagers surrounded the police station to seek justice for Xiaqin. Shancai appeared at the police station to bail Zhao Zimo at a critical moment, but happened to ran into the bride of Xiaqin’s ex-boyfriend, and went to the police station to file a complaint and demand a huge amount of compensation. Zhao Zimo rescued him and successfully resolved Xiaqin’s plight. Just as Xia Xiaqin breathed a sigh of relief because the wedding farce ended successfully, she received the news that her father Xia Zhiming was about to close the restaurant!?

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