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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 1 Recap

The heavenly court, which has been transformed into an E, is busy every day and night, dealing with the prayers of mortal believers. Of course, including the beloved God of Wealth, the God of Wealth and his portable tool “Shan Cai” will patrol every day, and receive prayers and petitions from believers in the God of Wealth temple in the world. In the annual assessment meeting of the Heavenly Court, the inspector “Plague” Sophia chose to teach the God of Wealth, but unexpectedly brought back memories of the God of Wealth. In an instant, the intricate images flashed through God of Fortune’s mind, and he was in pain. The Jade Emperor saw that the God of Wealth had “the front edge is not over,” and ordered him to go down to the earth but the front edge.

After completing the task, he could return to the heavenly court and join the immortal class. In this way, the God of Wealth was given the name “Zhao Zimo” and was beaten into the world. The general manager of the Lingxiao Hotel Xiaqin is a born super uncle, as long as she encounters her people and things will follow, good things never happen to her. Parents do good deeds and donations for her, but they still can’t change Xia Qin’s natural fate. In order to survive in the hotel, Xia Qin even took orders for her ex-boyfriend’s wedding reception as usual. Unexpectedly, the wedding banquet was “unsurprisingly” messed up, and the bride also lost all responsibility to Xiaqin, but Lingxiao Hotel faced a lot of customer chargebacks.

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