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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 32 Recap

Ten million was lightly talked about by Ding Fang, and even with her written check, it was heavy in the hearts of Gu’s family, as if the bail money that had been exhausted just now was only a few dollars. Because Ding Fangxue gave charcoal in the snow, the old couple was pleasantly surprised, and Gu Yuexi added a lot of affection to her, and she deserves to be her favorite writer.

Since Accounting Yang’s accident, Yang Fuduo has been under the care of Gu’s family. Gu Yaodong went to deliver her food as usual, and Ding Fang followed out and talked about the report about Zhao Zhiyong’s “helping justice”. However, Gu Yaodong didn’t care about who did the meritorious service. He only paid attention to the safety of Yang Yixue, so he promised Yang Fuduo that Yang Yixue would be redeemed tomorrow, and even agreed to put on a banquet.

Wang Keda parked the car in the yard of the police station, called Zhao Zhiyong into the passenger seat alone, and immediately took out the benefit paid to him by Qi Shengping, handed it to Zhao Zhiyong intact, and ordered him to make a false statement himself. , Framing Yang Yixue is one of the five kidnappers in the kidnapping case of Shang Rongsheng.

Originally, Zhao Zhiyong was still fighting for this poor man, but when he realized the horror of power, he felt cold all over, and a sense of powerlessness followed. Wang Keda smiled and got out of the car, not forgetting to bend down to remind Zhao Zhiyong to follow his heart. In fact, the reason why Wang Keda did this was to vent his anger. After all, Zhao Zhiyong had the best relationship with Gu Yaodong, and he knew Yang Yixue’s situation very well. It didn’t cost him anything to smash the ant, but it could torture Zhao Zhiyong’s conscience. Let Zhong Baiming feel embarrassed.

After much deliberation, Zhao Zhiyong took the initiative to ask Zhong Baiming for help, seeming to treat him as an adult student mentor, but I don’t know that Zhong Baiming is far more cunning than anyone. As an old fox who has been in officialdom for many years, he plays with a self-righteous wolf and a simple white rabbit. More than enough.

Zhong Baiming never overestimates the trivial details, so he put aside all the minor details, including Zhao Zhiyong, who has been angered and tortured. Accompanied by a sigh, Zhong Baiming pretended to be embarrassed, claiming that if Zhao Zhiyong was unwilling to take over, he would always be handed over to someone else to represent him. As for the internal cards of the police station, changes may be made according to the integration of new officers.

Although Zhong Baiming didn’t have a word to blame, Zhao Zhiyong had already heard the overtones. For him, these words were like driving up a cliff, as if he saw that there was a thousand-foot abyss in front of him, but he found that the abyss was next to a high peak. Broad sea and sky. In the end, Zhao Zhiyong did not leave the director’s office, but turned back to his desk and silently accepted the baptism.

Gu Yaodong went to the financial office to pay the bail, and finally went through all the procedures for releasing the bail pending trial, and went to the detention center happily. He didn’t expect to pass by “Wu Liansheng”. The other party suddenly grabbed him and mentioned his previous grudges proudly. Chairman Huang hurriedly pulled away the ineffective brother. Gu Yaodong watched the two leave behind and was a little confused, but he was anxious to bail Yang Yixue, it was too late. Think carefully.

Xu San received the bail notice and did not immediately sign it. Instead, he threw the notice back to Gu Yaodong, stating that Yang Yixue was sentenced to death and had been taken to Tilanqiao Prison in a prison car. Gu Yaodong was slightly taken aback when he heard the words, and rushed out on the spot. Two policemen with live ammunition stepped forward to stop him. One of the policemen opened the list of death row prisoners and held them in front of Gu Yaodong. The name of Yang Yixue was written on it with fresh red fingerprints.

Seeing that the door of the rear compartment of the prisoner was about to be locked, Gu Yaodong pushed the police aside and kept calling Yang Yixue. Because Yang Yixue was wearing handcuffs and a black headgear, he hurriedly tore off the headgear to reveal a familiar face, explained the facts to Gu Yaodong in a flustered tone, and even struggled to shout wronged.

Even though the car door had been closed, Gu Yaodong could still hear his desperate voice. Several policemen knocked Gu Yaodong to the ground and hit him on the head with rifle butts. His vision gradually blurred in the dizziness, and Gu Yaodong could only watch the prisoner drive away without knowing that Zhao Zhiyong was sitting in the passenger seat and crying guilty.

In the evening of Fu’an Lane, the house was brightly lit, and the neighbors kept Yang Yixue’s reception banquet, and the stove was steaming hot. Men were responsible for delivering food and moving chairs, women were walking around the stove, and several children vying to stand beside Ding Fang, watching her take out many novelties from the food bag.

Gu Yaodong walked into the guest room desolately under the welcoming formation of everyone. Everyone watched with expectation. The protagonist never appeared until Gu Yaodong immersed himself in compiling the reasons, like a student who had done something wrong. As soon as the voice fell, the atmosphere suddenly fell into a freezing point. Everyone looked at each other. Gu Yaodong’s white lie did not exchange for forgiveness. Instead, the neighbors complained, disappointed and questioned. Only Gu family and Ding Fang trusted him.

As the neighbors dispersed in twos and threes, the Yang family gradually became deserted, and the very lively house just now looked extremely empty. After Gu Yaodong comforted Yang Fuduo, he sent Ding Fang away. Under Ding Fang’s inquiries, he simply told the truth, and Ding Fang promised without hesitation that his father would come forward to help.

After sending Ding Fang away, Gu Yaodong stood at the entrance of the pavilion for a long time. The layout of the room remained the same, but he gradually explored the determination to pursue justice from the restlessness. At this time, Shen Qinghe, the contact point in the suburbs of Songjiang, finally regained consciousness. The bullet was removed as soon as possible, but the wound was still inflamed. Before leaving, the old Dong issued an order not to allow Shen Qinghe to return to Shanghai without permission, so he was taken care of by the liaison during these days.

From the kidnapper’s arrest to the court’s sentence of death, the progress of the case has become suspicious. The trial process was not made public, and there were no traces of the kidnappers found in the Tilanqiao Prison declared by the police station. Gu Yaodong was puzzled and went to Zhao Zhiyong to discuss the reason, but he had not noticed the other side’s abnormal look.

Zhao Zhiyong was very jealous of Gu Yaodong’s determined suspicion and stubbornness, so he hurriedly planned to Gu Yaodong’s ideas and even stopped him from questioning Zhong Baiming uncharacteristically. Faced with Zhao Zhiyong’s out-of-control emotions, Gu Yaodong suddenly remembered the “rule of survival” he had taught him at the beginning. It was obvious that the person in front of him was not cold and cold, but didn’t want to commit a risk.

Even if Zhao Zhiyong had the heart to persuade him, he was still unable to stop him. Gu Yaodong went directly to Zhong Baiming, and even pointed out the details of the tampering report in front of him, such as the “local accent” and the “arrest warrant.” Gu Yaodong believed that Zhao Zhiyong had no knowledge, so he risked being accused of being incriminated and still honestly expressed his beliefs, not partisan stance, but conscience.

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