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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 1 Recap

Qi Nian, a 24-year-old professional cartoonist, is active at the bottom of the comics industry under the pseudonym “Qi Zai”. After two days of sleeplessness, she finally filled the hole with the comics that had been serialized for a year. As a result, she threw the heroine over the shoulder to confess her The jaw-dropping picture ended. Looking at all kinds of relentless barrage on the screen, the editor is extremely embarrassed.

There is no market for such a hideous love. Qi Nianhua was born in a young man and has no love experience. Every time she writes a love comic, there is no market, but the company will not give her a chance to try and make mistakes. If the next work has no popularity, she can only be swept out.

The editor in charge wants Qi Nian to experience the feeling of heartbeat, which can make Qi Nian worry. She drew a sketch of her heart, sitting on a roadside chair eating jerky and thinking about what her heart was. She actually attracted a big golden retriever named “Qibao”, and the dog looked at her and wanted to ask for jerky. Qi Nian took the dog leash, and the communicator hung around Qibao’s neck rang. Qibao suddenly ran up and dragged Qi Nian to a man standing by the bridge.

Qi Nian looked at the man who turned around and was stunned. The man reached out to her. She stupidly wanted to shake hands, but the man just wanted to get the dog leash back. Dabao ran after the flying butterfly in front of him. The man was dragged forward by the dog rope and overwhelmed Qi Nian. Dabao swooped and stepped on the man’s back. Qi Nian kissed the strange man in this way, and his heart beat faster. Make Qi Nian a little grandiose.

The man hurriedly got up, pulled the jerky that Dabao was holding in his mouth, and said that he would compensate Qi Nian. Qi Nian refused the compensation and only wanted to leave the man’s phone number. The editor in charge called. She remembered the deadline wrong. Qi Nian’s comics had to be uploaded before five o’clock.

Qi Nian turned around and said to the man that he hoped that he would wait for herself here, but she didn’t even think about it if she didn’t think so. Hope. But the man unnaturally took the dog and sat on the stool by the side until the phone called to ask him to return to the office. Sighing, the man took out a pen and wrote his name “Ji Yanxin” on the post-it note. But Tiangong was not beautiful, and a gust of wind took away the post-it notes.

Shao Zui played with the wooden box in the office but couldn’t open it anyhow. Ji Yanxin took the box made with tenon and tenon technique. This is his hobby as an architect. Shao Zui came for his lifelong event. In the afternoon, Ji Yanxin met with Miss Li, whom his grandfather arranged to introduce. He not only called the wrong person’s name, but also used Dabao as an excuse to refuse him. This annoyed the old man.

Looking at the iceberg face of his brother Tiantian, Shao Zui didn’t know how long he hadn’t had close contact with a girl. Unexpectedly, Ji Yanxin told him that he had intimate contact with the girl this afternoon, and he could barely consider that he took the initiative to kiss someone, but his appearance and age were ignored by him without interest.

Qi Nian had dinner with friends in the evening, and she threatened to find her own actor, but all her friends thought she was the cucurbit baby, the third baby is invulnerable and in love, which is not in her gene spectrum. Qi Nian stretched out his arms and shouted that if this is a dream, he would wake up himself, and then a basin of water fell from the sky gorgeously and accurately poured onto her face.

The girl upstairs was drunk because of a failed confession, and this made a mistake to throw the water down. When my friend Liu Xia saw the school badge on the girl’s clothes, she knew what was going on. This was definitely because of Ji Yanxin, who is known as a beautiful professor in the Department of Architecture at Ming University. Although Ji Yanxin has a superb appearance, he is very cold. He has never communicated with students and only remembers his student number.

As a counselor, Liu Xia offended all the students in order to find him a teaching assistant. But Ji Yanxin won the construction industry award at a young age. He is a standard young talent, so although he is an iceberg guy, he has many suitors. Qi Nian released a revelation of finding a dog, and also put up the cartoon image of Ji Yanxin holding a dog. When I woke up, someone really replied to the post—it seemed to have seen it in Chunming University.

When Qi Nian came to Mingda University, she met a young girl who was taking pictures secretly. She bluntly said that she wanted Ji Yanxin to make him her own, and even stupidly she was told that Ji Yanxin had kissed herself. The security guard came to catch the girl who was photographing secretly. The girl secretly put the film in her bag and told her to go to the lecture hall on the first floor of the Department of Architecture.

Sure enough, Qi Nian, who was sitting in the classroom, was seen by Ji Yanxin who came in to the class. After a moment of surprise, he recovered as before. Ji Yanxin took out the tenon-and-mortise trap box. This was a question he asked every year. As long as who could successfully unlock the trap box, he could satisfy one of his requirements. Qi Nian drew a perspective view of the muscles on the notebook, Ji Yanxin walked over and stood in front of her and ordered to wait for him in the classroom. After class, the girls have to go forward to disassemble the trap box. When Ji Yanxin, who has finished the work, returns to the classroom, his tenon and tenon trap box has been opened.

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