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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 8 Recap

At this time, Lord Jingxiang, who was anxiously looking for the escaped military cook, also learned that he had appeared in the Bowang Mansion, and hurriedly took the men and horses to catch them. The people in Bowang’s Mansion did not know yet. Ma Zhixing asked Chu Yougui about King Bo’s preferences. The latter replied that he was a former calligrapher and practicing calligraphy. King Bo remembered that he lied yesterday that he did not like the inkstone sent by Ma Zhixing. After breaking it to pieces, he dared not look at the second brother. It happened that the Second Highness said that he wanted to see the inkstone, and the two of them struck up Maha tacitly.

After the chat, the group went to the Wangfu Garden to have a meal. Chu Yougui drank a sip of soup made by Lin Guang himself. He didn’t expect it to be the taste of the mother in his memory. He hurriedly invited him to Prince Yun’s Mansion. The latter was pushing away and leaving the capital tomorrow. It was really inconvenient. Master Jingxiang took away Lin Guang with his men and horses at this time, saying that he had an unruly desire for His Highness. Chu Yougui stepped forward and asked, Jingxiang whispered to Chu Yougui that Lin Guang claimed to be his biological father. After hearing that, Chu Yougui changed his previous smile and went to the prison to kill Lin Guang

His Majesty was furious after learning of this, so he immediately ordered the summoning of King Bo and Princess Bo to pick the stars. Ting Shang Jingxiang handed Lin Guanghua’s confession of guilt. Chu Yougui also explained that during a thorough investigation of the army’s collective grain storage, he had punished a group of soldiers. This person has been found to be one of them and he must have come. revenge. Seeing that the truth had been found out, his majesty punished King Bo to think about three months and pay one year’s salary. The princess punished Bo Kneeling to reflect on the temple for three days and nights.

Seeing Ma Jiexing, who was kneeling down in front of the temple, his majesty instructed King Bo to frustrate him. When talking about Lin Guang’s case, he felt that there were a lot of doubts and asked King Bo to continue the investigation, and the truth would be found within three days. Under the scorching sun, Ma Jiexing shook her body pale, and Ma Jing wanted to step forward to check but was stopped by the general of the Forbidden Army. The anxious Ma Jing thought of Ma Fengcheng, but Ma Qiexing stopped him, because even if she had to sacrifice her legs, she didn’t want to hurt King Bo again.

That night, Haidie and Huang Xiao discovered that Lin Guang’s body had been transported from the Prince’s Mansion and buried in the woods, and the subordinates involved in the incident were also killed. The two reported to King Bo, and King Bo began to believe what Ma Zaixing had said was true, and it happened that Ma Jing came to see him. King Bo didn’t want to pay attention, and turned to leave. Ma Jing told the story that Ma Di Xing had been broken with a spear by the young master of the Ma family for saving people, and the person she was saving was called the wolf boy.

Only then did King Bo know that Ma’s previous cruelty was just to protect himself, and the bell was also stolen by the young master of the Ma family. King Bo finally untied his knot and rushed to Taimiao to rescue Ma Zaixing who had fainted in the heavy rain. Looking at the pale face of the person in his arms, King Bo’s regret came to his heart. Don’t be afraid of Xing’er, when the wolf came to our home, the scar in his memory was completely healed.

After a thorough investigation by Haidie Huangxiao overnight, it was immediately found that His Royal Highness was a premature baby. According to time, Lin Guang might be Chu Yougui’s biological father. His Majesty summoned King Bo just because of his disobedience to the emperor’s order last night. After explaining the situation, he knelt down and apologized. His Majesty forgave him.

Immediately he reported the matter of Lin Guang to his majesty, but his majesty disagreed and told him not to speak nonsense. When Chu Yougui and Lord Jingxiang came to ask your Majesty to intercede for Ma Zengxing, they didn’t know that they had come a step too late, and they were scolded for hypocrisy and even deceived the king. It turns out that His Majesty knew about the princess and Lin Guang, but he was anxious to commit the crime of deceiving the emperor and could not escape a punishment.

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