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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 7 Recap

After Chu Yougui sent the two off, the two suspected on the carriage that the rumor that the second majesty’s biological mother had an affair with the Bozhou military cook was true, and they must be found out. In the official slave camp in the suburbs of Suyang, the official slave Lin Guang took advantage of the crowd to eat and ran away with the rope. After the officers and soldiers in the camp learned the news, they hurriedly tracked down the person’s trace, fearing Master Jingxiang would blame him.

At the Bowang Mansion, King Bo announced to everyone that Ma Xingxing will move into the palace as Princess Bo. Ma woke up after catching a hangover the next day, and no longer remembered falling into the pool last night. Ma Jing helped her recover. It turned out that Wang Bo wanted to treat her with courtesy last night, but the drunk Ma Qiexing made a rude act. Seeing her fall into the pool, he left without looking back. Ma Fengcheng came to confess the crime, but Ma Zaixing said it was a blessing in disguise, so he should not blame himself. Upon seeing this, Ma Fengcheng promised that he would be there on call in the future when Ma was in trouble. But King Bo really had a strange temperament. It was obvious that he sent someone to pick up the horse and pick the stars to the palace, but he waited for an hour at the gate of the West Palace, but he was not seen.

Waiting Ma Zhixing and Ma Jing chatted about King Bo’s character, but they were taken aback by the guards sent to send them home. In the carriage, the two discussed to buy some meeting gifts. When they came to the market, they saw a group of people beating an uncle. The situation of the uncle was not optimistic, and Ma Zhaixing proposed to take the person back to Bowang Mansion. As soon as she got off the car, she greeted Wen Yan for treatment, and Ma Jing saw his face instantly flushed.

Settling down the wounded, Hai Die and Wen Yan brought the two of them who came to the mansion to familiarize themselves with the palace. Ma Jiexing casually asked about a court. Hai Die said that it was King Bo’s living quarters and no one was allowed to enter. Ma Caixing just wanted to go in, but was stopped by Haidie. When the two returned to the room to pack their luggage, they were still obsessed with the forbidden area.

Ma Zhaixing scared Ma Jing and King Bo so cruelly that he had hidden secrets, which happened to be heard by King Bo who came to visit. King Bo accused Ma Xingxing’s behavior to be unworthy of the title of princess. She hurriedly apologized, and then brought the gifts prepared in advance to find everyone in the palace to apologize. All the gifts were carefully selected by her, but King Bo didn’t change her thoughts because of her thoughtfulness and asked everyone to return the gifts. Ma Jing looked embarrassed, King Bo knocked down the inkstone that he had given him, and the inkstone was broken in half.

Upon seeing this situation, Ma Zhixing asked to discuss with King Bo. She believed that King Bo’s actions were obviously biased, and the latter told her that Ma Fengcheng had thrown an olive branch at him and said that she would repay him heavily. Ma Zhixing quickly explained that the idea of ​​using the marriage contract to protect Ma’s army was solely hers and had nothing to do with others. King Bo laughed and said that it was just a temptation just now. He named Real Madrid as a family, and both of them were just playing on the spot. Seeing Ma Jiexing’s reluctance, he glanced at the courtyard, and he believed in Ma Jiexing’s friendship unless the iron tree in the courtyard bloomed.

Yesterday, news of the escape of an official slave reached Master Jingxiang’s ears. He also heard that the official slave revealed that his son was the second highness after drinking, so he had to enter the palace. Master Jingxiang ordered all those who knew the truth to be wiped out and the army cook was found as soon as possible. At night, the uncle who Ma Zhaoxing helped during the day wakes up. This person is Lin Guang. He lied that he had come to the capital to look for his benefactor and was already penniless. Ma Zhixing moved his compassion again and promised to keep him for two more days.

The next day, the Second Highness Chu Yougui and his wife came to visit Bowang Mansion. Princess Yun went to find Ma Zaixing. She was still taking care of Lin Guang. When Lin Guang saw that the person was the wife of the Second Highness, he immediately revealed that the benefactor she was looking for was actually It was Chu Yougui.

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