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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 49 End Recap

Chu Youwen couldn’t help herself. Ma Jiexing hugged Chu Youwen into her arms and said goodbye in tears. She wanted to do one last thing for Chu Youwen. She told Chu Youwen to live well and stop. Rejected. Ma Zhixing doesn’t mind Chu Youwen doing anything with other women, except for watching butterflies, she wants to keep this beautiful memory to herself.

Ma Zhixing, dressed in red, and Yao Ji came to the city, Chu Youzhen was tied to the city wall, covered in blood. When the officers and soldiers on the city wall saw Ma Jiexing’s figure, he immediately stood up, and Ma Jiexing asked to see Chu Yougui.

Chu Yougui was sitting on the high chair, and when he heard Ma Qiexing coming to rescue Chu Youzhen, he was a little confused. He set up a trap, in order to kill Chu Youwen, why didn’t Chu Youwen come, but Ma Jiexing arrived. The subordinate’s report answered his doubts. His subordinates said that Chu Youwen had been seriously injured, and he died soon. So Ma Jiexing came to rescue Chu Youzhen for Chu Youwen. Ma Jiexing promised to withdraw his troops from the State of Bu and return to Chu Youzhen.

Chu Yougui had doubts in his heart, he was very concerned about Chu Youwen’s life and death, if Chu Youwen did not die, it would always be a threat to him. Seeing Chu Yougui’s doubts, his subordinates suggested that what Ma Jiexing said must be true. If Chu Youwen was not dead, it would be impossible for him to let Ma Jiexing come alone. Chu Yougui thought for a while, and felt that Ma Jiexing was a female stream, and couldn’t find any big waves, so he ordered her to come in. But Haruka cannot follow.

When the subordinate came to the city gate to pass the order, Haruka was a little excited when he heard that she refused to let herself go. When Ma picking the stars came to find herself that day, she knew that Ma picking the stars was fighting with her life. Haruka wanted to stop Ma from picking the stars, but Ma picking the stars still did not hesitate. Ma Jiexing exchanged the hairpin on his head with Haruka, so that even if the two had a deadly friendship. Ma Zhixing entrusted Chu Youwen to Yao Ji and walked firmly into the city. Haruka tried to catch up, but was stopped by the soldiers.

It is false to let Bu Guo retreat and it is true to kill Chu Yougui. Before entering the city gate, Ma Zaixing had already told Chu Yougui to put down Chu Youzhen. As long as Chu Yougui died, everything would be over. Seeing Chu Yougui, Ma Jiexing showed a fierce look, and rushed towards Chu Yougui. Chu Yougui saw that he was not good and ordered Ma Jiexing to be killed. With one enemy and one hundred, Ma Qiexing’s blood spattered all the time, and the scene was extremely tragic.

Chu Youwen gradually woke up, and only a letter was not seen. In the letter, Ma Jiexing urged Chu Youwen not to chase her, because Ma Jiexing understood the pain of chasing. She chased the wolf boy for a lifetime, and later chased Chu Youwen. She was tired and did not want Chu Youwen to do this. Chu Youwen knew that Ma Zhixing went to the danger alone, and rushed to the gate like crazy. The soldiers on the city gate saw Chu Youwen and began to throw arrows. Chu Youwen seemed unaware of the danger and pain. He shuttled through the sky of arrows, shooting random arrows on him. He pulled it out and continued to rush forward.

Chu Youwen rushed to the city wall, pinched a person’s neck, and told them to move away. The man saw that Chu Youwen didn’t hurt himself, and he was grateful that Chu Youwen still remembered the love of the Bojia army in the past. The generals knelt down one after another to make a way for Chu Youwen.

At this time, Ma Caixing had killed the soldiers in front of the imperial city gate without leaving a piece of armor. He was full of blood and slowly approached Chu Yougui. In order to protect himself, Chu Yougui pulled Chu Youzhen to the horse. To pick the stars, the horse picks the stars instinctively to protect Chu Youzhen, and Chu Yougui took advantage of the horse to pick the stars and accidentally stabbed the horse with a sword in the chest.

Just as he was about to make another one, Chu Youwen arrived in time, and he blocked the sword with his hand to catch the horse star. Chu Youwen was extremely guilty, if he could come earlier, then earlier. Ma Caixing comforted him, it was not too late, and she was satisfied that she could see him for the last time. Ma Caixing wanted to return to Langshoushan, a place full of good memories. Chu Youwen said softly, holding her and leaving.

Ji Chong was blocked by the jade on his chest and was not injured. When he arrived at the imperial city, Ma Jiexing was already unable to return to the sky. He didn’t step forward, but looked at Chu Youwen from a distance and took Ma Qiexing away. Ma picking up the stars has gone, and the imperial city has no nostalgia, so he turned around and left quickly.

It rained heavily, and for three days and nights, it washed away the blood all over the imperial city, and washed away the evil that was full of the imperial city. Maybe God was also reluctant to leave Ma Xingxing, and he was also saying goodbye to Ma Xingxing.

On the grassland, rushed to return the jade to Bao Na. He thanked Bao Na’s jade for saving his life. Seeing that Ji Chong had brought her jade, Bao Na cried excitedly. Ji Chong felt funny, so Bao Na hurriedly packed her luggage and accompany her on her travels from now on. Bao Na jumped up excitedly.

After half a year, everything returned to peace, Chu Youzhen became the emperor, to save the common people from war, he voluntarily gave up the throne and returned to the country of Bu. Maybe this is what Ma Caixing wanted. Haidie and Mo Xiao settled in the small city. They adopted many children, and one named Wenyan.

Haruka left the palace and became a doctor of life. No one knows the whereabouts of Chu Youwen and Ma Zhuixing. Maybe Chu Youwen is on the Langshou Mountain and is with Caidie. Maybe one of them is Ma Zhuixing.

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