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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 49 End Recap

Zhao Xing Xing and King Bo kissed, and the soothing medicine on Xing Xing lips stunned King Bo. Chu Yougui thought that he would attract King Bo, but he didn’t expect it was the Royal Queen who would win the stars. Reaching the stars is accompanied by Yao Ji into the palace, but Chu Yougui only allows one person to see him. Yao Ji is worried, but can only watch her enter. King Bo wakes up, sees the letter left to him by Star Reaching, and rushes to the country of Yang. At this time, Ji Chong, who rescued Youzhen alone, also rushed to Yang Palace. Unfortunately, he was injured by Chu Yougui’s secret arrow. Only when he woke up he found that Bao Na’s Amber had saved his life.

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