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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 47 Recap

King Yun found out about King Bo and Chu Kui’s catching himself from the mouth of Zishen, so he first killed Zhang Jin, and then first attacked Chu Kui. On the second day, King Yun came to the throne, framed a gangster as a rebellion, and killed the emperor, with the intention of subverting the rebellion.

Upon learning of Chu Kui’s death and King Yun’s ascension to the throne, King Bo told them that Chu Kui had left him a will, and if he was unpredictable, he would have a chance to take Mingzhou within three days. Ji Chong decided to let Li Jun go to ambush outside Mingzhou first, and respond at any time. Once he breaks Mingzhou, he can take Yang country step by step and rescue Youzhen!

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