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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 45 Recap

When Bao Na heard that King Zhe was planning to entertain Chu Kui, she was so angry that she ran to the country to tell the big news about Star Reaching. King Bo decided to save people alone, but was stopped by everyone. In the end, Ji Chong, Star Reach, King Bo and Bao Na decided to go to Zhanxian together to rescue Ye Sha. Chu Kui and others went to the Longevity Forest. Under the control of King Yun, Zhang Jin was forced to poison Chu Kui, and Chu Kui’s body went from bad to worse. Yao Ji discovered that Zhang Jin had poisoned secretly, and immediately reported to Chu Kui. Chu Kui was so angry that he wanted to kill Zhang Jin. Yao Ji hoped to use Zhang Jin to reassure King Yun. Chu Kui obeyed Yao Ji’s suggestion to avoid being scared of the snake.

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