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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 42 Recap

After rushing and catching the stars overnight at the farmhouse, they continued to rush to Qiannu Camp. On the way, I ran into Liuer who spread rumors everywhere. Ji Chong concealed his true intentions to save King Bo, and used Liuer’s identity to pretend to be a chaiman, and successfully entered the Qiannu Camp. Reaching the stars finally talked to King Bo, hoping to persuade King Bo to help Kuo overthrow the tyranny of Chu Yang and save the common people, but King Bo was reluctant to leave the Qiannu camp, let alone help King Bo and Chu Kui contend for the world. Reaching the stars did not convince him, so he had to take out the trauma medicine and the fire sickle. If King Bo changes his mind within three days and sends a signal with the fire sickle, she and Ji Chong will rescue him out of trouble.

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