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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 40 Recap

On the day before the wedding, Ma Jing mistakenly thought that Ji Chong and Kelang were looking for happiness, and told the story about Star Star, but Star Star was not jealous at all. Reaching the stars means Ma’s life, as a queen, she must be like this. At this moment, King Bo, who was in the prison, learned from Yao Ji that Star Reach was about to marry Ji Chong. On the day of the rejoicing of the stars, King Bo also came to execute his sentence. Ji Chong told King Bo about the death of King Xing Xing, Xing Xing thought that King Bo deserved the crime and would not be sad. On the wedding night, he rushed to sacrifice to King Bo, but it was heard that King Bo had escaped from death and was sentenced to slavery. It turned out that it was Yao Ji’s trick that made Chu Kui unable to kill King Bo. Chu Kui decided to exile King Bo to Qiannu Camp.

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