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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 36 Recap

Two days later, the wolf bone flower has been refined. For the upcoming battle, Li Jun has full confidence in the upcoming battle. He rejected King Bo’s proposal and rushed to be a surprise candidate. The battle of Bo Zhu will not only defeat King Bo, but must also Take down Chu Kui. Finally, the battle of Baiju started, the star was picked, and the battle of King Bo was about to start. At this moment, Chu Kui was taking care of Yu Zhen, and suddenly Yu Zhen woke up and put a dagger on Chu Kui’s neck. It turned out that on the day Chu Kui took the Chixiao Sword in the Taimiao, he awoke with a frame. When King Bo went to visit Youzhen, Youzhen took the opportunity to tell King Bo the truth about King Bin’s death. Youzhen and Yang Hou forced Chu Kui to abdicate. However, Chu Kui had prepared for it long ago to subdue Youzhen and Yang Hou.

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