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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 34 Recap

After Ma Jiexing handed over his military power, it was heard that Ma Jiajun joined the army, Ma Xiehan, and Wang Shizi Li Jixu and Wu Guo generals Zhou Hai were in a dispute. Even though it has been learned that Ma Zhaixing will surrender his military power, Ma Xiehan still prefers to disobey the military order and say nothing to accept the division of troops.

Immediately pulling Ma Qiexing to watch the excitement, Ma Xingxing came to the scene and broke his mouth. Ma Xiehan was still stubborn and unwilling to accept the division of troops, let alone the command of generals other than Ma Qiexing. He was forced to rush. The horse picks up the stars and shouted: Ma Jiajun has already reached a consensus, we only loyal to the princess!

He was the first to be the leader of the Ma Jiajun. It turned out that he knew that the Ma Jiajun would be dissatisfied, so he simply planned to put on a conflict scene, so that the King Jin had to agree to let him lead the Ma Jiajun. The old man had to compromise even if he was reluctant. Returning to the only expedient measure under Jin’s command, he can take the opportunity to sit down, contact the old subordinates, expand his power, and support the horse to win the stars.

In the dungeon, the god Zi brought water, Chu Youwen suddenly opened his eyes, and his arms violently pulled the iron ring, like an enraged beast, roaring constantly. Yao Ji had never seen him look so mad, and couldn’t help but retreat step by step. Chu Youwen desperately pulled the chain when he saw it. One day and night passed, Chu Youwen still did not recover, trapped in the sky prison, completely dehumanizing.

The news of the former emperor’s birth has already spread to the country secretly. The minds of the military and marquis of the states and cities have changed and rumors have begun to spread. As soon as the former emperor was born, the three majesty was defeated by the army, and the fourth majesty was killed. Chu Kui’s nemesis, Chu Kui usurped the position of the previous dynasty, and acted backwards, the emperor was born, just to restore everything! Chu Kui is exhausted!

This morning he received news that Wang Rong, the Marquis of Zhenzhou Army, led his army to join the Jin Kingdom! Wang Rong’s mother was originally placed as a hostage in the capital, but she passed away last month. Wang Rong ordered people to conceal it to prevent Chu Kui from being vigilant. It seems that he had long been rebellious. The former emperor was born, but he was more determined to defect. . But now, the god of war, Chu Youwen, is too deep in the poison of beasts, and he is confused, like a wild beast. To save Chu Youwen, Yao Ji could only return to the tribe to find her foster father. ,

The Xuan Snake people have been with snakes since they were young and can speak snake language, but three years ago, they did not know who they had grieved with and were slaughtered. They completely wiped out the family overnight.

Three years ago, Chu Kui was ambitious and sent troops to attack. He led the Sichuan Dragon Army to fight on the battlefield. He was fighting with Chu Jun at an important point in Xinzhou. There was news suddenly that the mother who had become ill before leaving, His condition worsened, he had fallen into a coma, and his life was dying. He was worried, but the war was tight and he had to stay on the front line, but the lieutenants who had been with him for many years couldn’t see his worry about family members.

The lieutenants found him, knowing that he was seriously ill because they missed his mother, they persuaded him a few words, so they accompany him to drink, drank and drank, he has always been extremely drunk, he was so drunk for some reason, when he woke up, he was already in Thai yuan. The city is over, so don’t worry about telling the battlefield. The marshal only needs to wait for them to return triumphantly in Taiyuan City.

No one knew that he was talented in Taiyuan City, but his mother couldn’t wait to see him for the last time, and she was already breathless. However, the Chuanlong Army on the front line suffered a surprise attack. The leader was absent, and the advance and retreat were lost. The dragon army was killed and injured, and the lieutenants of the Sichuan Dragon Army who violated the military order and sent away the marshal without authorization, a few of the survivors were also ordered to be cut by the king, and they were sent back to Tae Won-shi before they died. It was completely ignorant, and the rush to save his life. Before the execution, Ji Chong begged King Jin bitterly, and his men were merciful, but King King resolutely executed it.

In the past three years, in order to compensate the families of the lieutenants and the dead brothers, he has tried his best to save money in exchange for all kinds of food, civilian and biological resources, and send them to the orphans and widows’ villages to take care of the wives who never see their husbands again. Can’t see his father’s children. Only then did Ma Jiexing understand why he saw money before, and as long as he has money, everything is easy to talk about. It turned out that it was not because he was greedy for money, but because he alone carried the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of families and rushed because of forgery. Jun Yin was arrested.

Forging military orders is a serious crime, and Ma Caixingxing is helpless. Wang Rong suggested that Ma Tiexing lead the rebellion, but Ma Tiexing calmed down and refused. After hearing this, Wang Wang appeared in person. It has been confirmed that Wang Rong was only entrusted to perform a play, and it was only for her own sake. If the private situation rashly agreed, the consequences would be unimaginable.


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