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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 30 Recap

Chu Kui asked King Bo Zhizhi to congratulate the king on his ascension to the throne and negotiate the issue of borrowing troops. King Bo leads the decree. Star Reaching apologizes to King King for his gaffe. King Min proposed to let the star-catching redeem the merits, that is, on behalf of the kingdom of Min, go to the celebration of the enthronement of King King and destroy the kingdom of Yang. Reaching the stars promised. She worked hard to improve her martial arts, preparing for revenge for the upcoming meeting with King Bo. Reaching the stars and rushing to reach Zhanmu Yeshan, meet Bao Na who greeted them. After learning the truth about Ma Ying’s death, Bao Na resented King Bo to be sinister and vicious, and promised to help Star Reacher and introduce King Zhi Chong, and the two of them, Qiao Xing Xing and Ji Chong, were disguised as Maids and Warriors. Halfway, they ran into King Bo’s war wolf, rushed to ask for the star to be picked as a preview, and personally killed the injured war wolf.

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