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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 3 Recap

Wang Xiang is tied up by five flowers, Ma Ying comes to see Wang Xiang. When Wang Xiang saw Ma Ying risking his death to save the princess, he also preserved the blood of the previous dynasty, raised the princess and her daughter secretly, and regarded starring as his own. Wang Xiang saw all this in his eyes, and he was very grateful to Ma Ying.

But Wang Xiang kept saying that he wanted to harm the Mafu, in fact, to preserve the Mafu, Ma Ying was very moved, but Wang Xiang committed a murder and broke the law, and Ma Ying had to reluctantly execute him. Wang Xiang said that his vengeance had been reported and he had no regrets.

Ma Jun asked people to pretend to pick the stars, and bells lured the wolf out. A group of people waited in ambush to catch the wolf. Ma Jun took the bell and beat the wolf cub. He also satirized the wolf boy and tortured him severely. Just when the wolf cub was seriously injured, a group of wolves rushed out and beat Ma Jun and others together. Ma Jun also killed the wolf cub. The wolf cub watched the wolf cub being killed, and chased Ma Jun like crazy.

Ma Jun’s men shot arrows at the wolf cub, and a wolf risked his death to block the arrow for him. The wolf boy was very angry. He chased Ma Jun to the edge of the cliff. In the fight, the wolf boy fell off the cliff unfortunately. Ma Jun still didn’t want to let him go, and wanted to shoot him to death. At this time, the stars arrived and stopped them. Seeing the wolf boy fall off the cliff, he fainted with sadness.

Ma Ying became very angry after learning about this. He asked Ma Jun to find the wolf cub immediately. The emperor stopped him and said nonchalantly that wealth is in the sky, life and death are up to fate.

Ma Ying returned home and returned the bell to the star. Tell Reaching for the stars, under the cliff, I couldn’t see my fingers, I couldn’t find it. But your Majesty has asked someone to look for it during the day tomorrow. Winning the stars is very anxious, she wants to find the wolf by herself. He was so badly injured that no one was going to rescue him, maybe the wolf cub would die. But Ma Ying stopped the star picking, hoping that she could temporarily give up looking for the wolf for the safety of the whole family.

In fact, the emperor had found the wolf cub, and he saw the wolf cub awake. He was given a token of nobleness and told him that from now on, his life is his own. Between heaven and earth, as long as he wants, he can give him. The emperor did not want others to know that he had found the wolf cub. He ordered the others to do the search and rescue tomorrow.

Nowadays, inside and outside, enemies of the emperor are everywhere, and the enemy’s power is getting stronger and stronger. He needs available talent who is loyal to himself. The emperor told the personal eunuch that he should adopt him himself. As long as he can pass the training he gave him, he will become a real wolf from the inside out.

Eight years later, Picking Star became the acting city lord and was about to get married. The maid asked the star to choose an auspicious date for marriage, but the star did not care, and also expressed that she would regret the marriage. All of this was actually discussed with the Shen Mansion, in order to attract notoriety and not to let people come to propose marriage.

On the border between the two countries, Xiaogui, the prince of Yangguo Township, wanted to rob the city of Nadi and levied his troops to make money. The prince Xiaogui was unfaithful to his minister, fornicating with the enemy, and concealing a heart of conspiracy, and the emperor ordered to encircle and suppress the mansion. King Bo took the wolves and killed Zhen Guohou himself. And this ruthless Third Prince Bo Wang Zhu Youwen is a wolf boy.

Just as the ministers were pleading for Zhen Guohou, Zhu Youwen had already appeared in the hall with his head. Ma Ying decided to surrender the power to protect the Ma family. The emperor sent Zhu Youwen to Kuizhou City to monitor Ma Ying.

On the other hand, even if the stars are repented of their marriage, there are still a large number of people who come to propose family members. Starcatcher wants to make these people give up, so they deliberately make things difficult for them. At this time, Zhu Youwen had already entered Kuizhou City.

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