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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 27 Recap

Youzhen was attacked by conflict and was kidnapped. You Zhen rushed to rebel by mistake, rushed to show his intentions, kidnapped you, in order to rescue the horse and win the stars! Mo Xiao was ordered by King Bo to bring Star Reaching to King Bo’s Mansion, which is full of memories of her sweet love with King Bo, but now it is like a joke, but she just wants to cry, Reaching Star comes to Ye Sha, who has never been here before. Secret room, this was the first time she saw the cold King Bo. She couldn’t help but wonder if he really loved herself? She didn’t believe in Bo Wang’s betrayal. She kept asking why Bo Wang wanted to betray her. Bo Wang said that the wolf was dead. She cruelly stifled the only trust and hope in the star, and will be exclusive to the shadow play of Wolf and Xing’er. I, the spike chain, burned in front of the star picking. Zhai Xing was distressed and fainted, and King Bo held her with a knife.

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