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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 25 Recap

Chu Kui told King Bo that Ma Jiajun was to blame for the death of King Bin that year. Only by destroying Ma Jiajun and Ma Zhaixing can he take advantage of King Bin’s spirit in heaven. Regarding King Bin as his own hands and feet, King Bo obeyed Chu Kui’s orders on the surface. In fact, he had long since decided not to be deceived and used by Chu Kui, and secretly planned how to let Reaching Star escape Chu Kui’s clutches. Wang Shizi told Ji Chong that all of this was directed and acted by Chu Kui, but he could not argue with him. After learning the truth, Ji Chong wanted to rush to Yang Kingdom and save the stars. The star catcher who was in the dark thought that King Bo was still angry that he was going to the front line and tried his best to appease King Bo. King Bo decided to teach how to fight for star picking in case of unexpected events. King Bo trained to win the stars. Anything can happen on the battlefield, even the two of them can become enemies.

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