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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 23 Recap

King Bo couldn’t find the star, and asked Yao Ji for someone. Yao Ji used wolf bone flower to make King Bo lose his mind. King Bo slashed himself, the pain made him wake up, and he saw Hong’er’s body. King Bo asked Yao Ji why he killed someone, but Yao Ji said it was to prevent King Bo from making mistakes again and again. It turned out that King Bo did not listen to Chu Kui’s order, but secretly released Fang’s shopkeeper and Hong’er behind Chu Kui’s back. At this time, Zishen reported to Yao Ji that he was imprisoned for picking the stars, and King Bo hurriedly returned to the mansion to discuss with Ye Sha how to save the picking stars. Unexpectedly, the wolf bone flower powder remaining in King Bo once again made him lose his mind. The Ye Sha three had no choice but to use the lock heart to refine the mad King Bo.

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