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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 21 Recap

Ma Jiexing was taken to a quiet palace. After she walked in, a beautiful and glamorous woman in black appeared to greet him. This person was Yao Ji. Yao Ji led Ma Zaixing to the inner hall, where there was already a wooden barrel filled with dark liquid medicine. The two court ladies stepped forward and served Ma Qiexing to take off his coat, slightly rolled up the skirt and tied it to the waist, revealing a pair of bare calves.

Haruka asked Ma Qiexing to step into the wooden barrel and soak her calf in the potion, but Ma Qiexing suddenly felt that something was sliding in the barrel and brushed her calf from time to time. She thought it was Haruka that had dropped something and stretched out her hand. When he fished in the bucket, he unexpectedly fished out a snake, which made Ma Zhaoxing scream.

Ma Jiexing is very unfamiliar with the current environment and feels very scared. Ma Jiexing faintly felt that Yao Ji was not right, but since he was the doctor who specially invited by Emperor Liang to treat her old illness, she could only endure it. Ma Jiexing was about to leave, but Yao Ji came to her and blocked the way, telling Ma Ma Ji Xing he must stay in the palace during the treatment. Although Yao Ji’s tone was gentle, there was an inexplicable oppression and hostility.

Ma Jiexing didn’t expect that Yao Ji would have such a past with Zhu Youwen. Haru Ji said that she knew him well, but then said that he didn’t want to see her. Did they have a relationship in the past? At the moment when Ma picking up the stars hesitated, Yao Ji had guessed nine out of ten when seeing her look. Yao Ji told the past. Eight years ago, Yao Ji and Chu Youwen were saved by Chu Kui almost at the same time. They are in similar situations, pity each other and take care of each other. As Yao Ji narrated the unknown side of Zhu Youwen, Ma Zhixing vaguely felt an indescribable loss, as if the wolf boy she had been familiar with had been snatched away, and she was still such a beautiful woman.

Ma Zaixing now wants to leave the palace and return to the Bowang Palace. Yao Ji smiled lightly, her eyes swept over, and Ma Zaixing fell cold and stopped noticing it. The Zhu Youwen that Haruka said was actually two completely different faces from the Zhu Youwen she knew. Haruka looked at Ma Qixing with a slight contempt, turned around, and flicked a white camellia with her slender hand. Haruka’s words were full of provocations, and Ma Ma Qixing turned away angrily and did not want to listen.

Kuizhou City. After the sky darkened, the shopkeeper Fang put up a closing sign outside the tavern, and saw that there were almost no pedestrians on the road, and the wind was blowing. He did not look any more, turned and walked into the tavern, carefully closed the doors and windows, and waited for today’s distinguished guests. The wind was very strong, there was a rapid knock on the door, and the shopkeeper Fang hurried to open the door. As soon as the door opened, a sword pierced into Fang’s abdomen. The sword holder pushed forward a few steps and pushed Fang to the wall. Then he drew out the sharp sword. Fang said nothing. , Softly slipped to the ground, staring at the masked man in black who had assassinated him, staring at him.

A fire in the tavern at night quickly caused a commotion, and neighbors in the neighborhood took out buckets to fight the fire. Ma Fengcheng, who came by the appointment, looked at the burning tavern in amazement. He couldn’t figure it out. Why did it catch fire suddenly? The crowd on the sidelines talked a lot. Could it be that the father and daughter quarreled again and accidentally overturned the candle? Ma Fengcheng clenched the portrait in his hand. How could God bear such a kind father and daughter?

Chu Youwen returned to the imperial palace to return to Chu Kui. He suddenly saw the camellia in the corner, and he thought of Yao Ji, his forehead bursting with anger. Chu Kui told Chu Youwen that Ma Zaixing was treating leg problems by Yao Ji’s side. Chu Youwen, who had a long-cherished wish with Yao Ji, almost didn’t control his emotions, but he quickly suppressed his anger and asked Chu Kui for it. Seeing Ma picking the stars, Chu Kui refused, and then asked him to lead his troops to the front.

Zhu Youwen hurried back from Kuizhou overnight, and when he returned to the Bowang Mansion, the sky was slightly bright. He returned to the secret room and was about to open the door, and found a white camellia lying at the door of the secret room. The door of the secret room opened, and a beautiful lady in black clothes was sitting inside, looking at the three with a smile. On the contrary, the expressions of Zhu Youwen and the others became even more tense. Mo Xiao and Wen Yan suddenly dropped their weapons. Both of them had numbness and severe pain. They saw cruel veins and blood vessels on the back of their hands, which was shocking.

Chu Youwen rushed forward and grabbed Yao Ji’s neck. Yao Ji told Chu Youwen the truth. It turned out that Chu Kui asked her to poison Ma Zhaoxing. In order to restrain Chu Youwen, Yao Ji was pinched. Almost suffocated, her complexion flushed, but she was still not afraid, because she knew that Zhu Youwen would never kill her. Knowing Chu Kui’s plan in advance, Chu Youwen won the trust of Chu Kui with a plan.

Chu Youwen, who gained Chu Kui’s trust, hurried home to pick up the stars. Seeing the expressions that Ma Zaixing was still explaining for Yao Ji and Chu Kui, he clenched his hands into fists, feeling angry and sad, and clearly wanted to protect him. She is thoughtful and unharmed, why she is always in danger by his side again and again.

Tai Bu palm Yin and Yang divination, through divination to help the emperor solve all doubts, observe the good and bad of the country, and even have the right to decide national sacrifices, funerals, capital relocation, conquests and other major events. Liang Emperor was born and died on the battlefield in his early years.

Not as good as before, he became more and more superstitious. Haruka is not only good at making drugs, but also proficient in witchcraft, able to observe the stars, knowing life and death, and making her the master of the Taibu Palace, which greatly improves her status, almost can Contending with Zhu Youwen, it can be seen that Emperor Liang relied heavily on her witchcraft ability. Yao Ji knelt down and thanked her, but there was not much joy in her heart.

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