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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 20 Recap

Chu Youwen put on his cloak and went shopping in Kuizhou City with Ma Zhuixing. Chengzhu Li, who was demoted as a city gate soldier, mistakenly thought that Ma Zaixing had come out to steal the man with Chu Youwen on his back. Seeing that Li Chengzhu helped him watch Ma Jiexing, Chu Youwen chose to forgive him for his lack of eyesight and warned him not to tell anyone about himself and Ma Jiexing returning to Kuizhou City. Knowing that Chu Youwen demoted Chengzhu Li to a city gate soldier in order to vent his anger, Ma Jiexing was very moved.

The restaurant owner’s daughter is isolated, and Chu Youwen and Ma Diexing play with her. Hong’er accidentally saw Chu Youwen’s true face, and recognized that he was the man who had once contracted the entire restaurant and refused to let herself believe in others. Knowing this, I didn’t know that Chu Youwen was a wolf boy. The shopkeeper Fang felt very sorry for the horse, because he felt that a terrible person was not worthy of the horse.

Mo Xiao finally found Chu Youwen and Ma Zhuixing, and told them that Chu Kui had known that the wolf boy was Chu Youwen, and told them to be careful after going back. Chu Youwen calmly stated that he originally planned to go to Chu Kui after returning to Beijing and confess everything. Hearing this, Ma Jiexing decided to go to Chu Kui with him.

The shopkeeper Fang hurried to Mafu to find Ma Zaixing. Facing Ma Fengcheng’s question, he hurriedly told him about Ma Zaixing being with a cold, terrifying man. In addition, he also told the story of the entire restaurant under the house of Langzi the night before Mafu was destroyed. In order to let the shopkeeper Fang put down his hanging heart, Ma Fengcheng told him that he would let someone draw Chu Youwen and show it to him. As everyone knows, all of this was seen by Chu Kui’s people beside Ma Fengcheng and reported to Chu Kui.

Chu Youwen has been kneeling on the ground waiting for Chu Kui, wanting to apologize to him in person. Chu Kui angrily questioned him, what kind of king Ma Caixing had. Chu Youwen told him that he and Ma Jiexing had known each other since childhood because of the misunderstanding of Duwei Xiahou’s murder for many years. When I met again, I had already regarded Ma Zaixing as a passerby, and never thought of old feelings and felt soft towards her. Until not long ago, Ma Caixing was punished to kneel in Taimiao, and the two people solved their misunderstanding. Listening to what Chu Youwen said, Chu Kui dispelled his doubts about him. Chu Kui said that as long as Ma Zaixing and Ma Jiajun remain loyal to him, he will not embarrass Chu Youwen.

Knowing that Ye Sha had revealed his stuffing in the Kuizhou restaurant, Chu Kui ordered Chu Youwen to deal with the shopkeeper Fang and Hong’er. In order for Chu Kui to continue to trust himself, Chu Youwen readily agreed. He felt that the top priority was to find the best of both worlds, which would save Fang and Hong’er.

Chu Kui suspected that Chu Youwen had changed. He wanted to release Yao Ji, who had been imprisoned by him for five years, to help himself test whether Chu Youwen had really changed. Back then, Chu Kui adopted Chu Youwen and Yao Ji successively and trained them to become Ye Sha. At that time, Chu Youwen had a withdrawn character and never spoke. It was Haru Ji who asked him to say the first sentence. Haruka believes that Chu Youwen will not lose herself for a woman.

Ma Zhaixing came to deliver food to Chu Youwen, and found him wiping his sword early in the morning, and felt a little panic in his heart when he guessed that he might be going to kill. Ma Zhixing wanted to dissuade Chu Youwen from killing people, but Chu Youwen said that he just obeyed the emperor’s orders.

Ma Jiexing planted some female dills and wanted to wait for it to grow up and appreciate it with Chu Youwen. Chu Kui summoned Ma to pick up the stars to go to the palace alone and could not bring anyone. Ma Zhixing had no doubts, and hurried to see Chu Kui. Chu Kui lied that he had found a doctor to treat the legs for Ma Picking Stars, but in fact, that person was pretending to be Yao Ji.

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