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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 2 Recap

Xia Houyi was killed, the servant hurried to report, Ma Ying hurried over. When I got there, I saw a house of mess, and there were traces on the wood like wolf claws. Zhu Youwen was running out of the window.

Combined with the rumors of the wolf monster, everyone inferred that it was the wolf monster, but Ma Ying didn’t think so. He deduced from the situation on the scene that the murderer should only behave like a wolf, a savage boy. Ma Ying knew that Xia Houyi was the emperor’s righteous brother and died in the Mafu. This matter was not trivial. They had to catch the real culprit and give the emperor an account before the emperor came to Kuizhou City.

Ma Jiexing walked happily with a pile of fabrics, and saw something wrong in the front hall, only to ask that Xia Houyi was killed, and his father suspected that the murderer was Zhu Youwen. Ma Caixing lost the cloth in her hand and went to her father to confess the truth in a panic. She told her father that there were no wolf monsters. She just wanted to protect the wolves from hunters, so she learned pharmacology from Wang Xiang.

Using Ecstasy to make people feel illusion, mistakenly think it is a wolf monster. When his father heard this, he was furious. Ma Caixing did things too reckless, spreading rumors, and acting for personal gain. Ma Ying ordered someone to shut Ma Caixing into the room.

Ma Zhaixing was extremely worried. She asked to tell her about Zhu Youwen, but was refused. She cried, who can believe that the werewolf is a kinder person than the world!

The generals went up to the Wolf Hunter Mountain, and Zhu Youwen felt that the danger was approaching. He tried every means to let the wolves go first, and he went to distract the chasing soldiers. He was in an ambush and was hung from a tree. Seeing that Zhu Youwen was in danger, the wolves wanted to attack Ma Jiajun to save him. Ma Jiajun was ready to attack the wolves with fire. Zhu Youwen was arrested voluntarily and rescued the wolves. Zhu Youwen’s actions made Ma Jiajun very emotional. They praised Zhu Youwen for being a general.

Ma Zhixing heard that Ma Jiajun ran to the mountain to catch Zhu Youwen and was very worried. She thought that the best way was to let Zhu Youwen leave here. With Xiaofeng’s help, she ran out. When Zhu Youwen heard the ringing of Ma Zhai Xing, he broke through the cage and went to find Ma Zhai Xing. Ma Jiexing saw Zhu Youwen in a panic, tears wet his eyes.

She deliberately said unfeeling words to force Zhu Youwen to leave. Zhu Youwen didn’t know, so he took off the necklace on his chest and handed it to Ma Zhuxingxing, struggling to protect the wolves. Ma Jiexing knew that Zhu Youwen was reminding himself that he promised to protect the wolves together. Ma Jiexing cruelly took the necklace and threw it into the lake. Zhu Youwen left sadly, and Ma Caixing couldn’t help crying.

Xiaofeng felt a little vomiting, and complained to Ma Qiexing about the smell of the kitchen. Ma Jiexing thought that it was Li Hu, and suddenly Ma Jiexing realized that the murder of Xia Houyi might have another secret. She hurried to Xiahouyi’s room to check.

When the emperor arrived, several arrows were shot at Ma Ying, but they were all caught. The emperor praised Ma Ying’s treasured sword for not being old. Ma Ying respectfully greeted the emperor. The emperor looked at Xia Houyi’s body and blamed Ma Ying. Ma Ying explained that the savage was so powerful that he could smash the iron cage and escape with his bare hands. The emperor was curious and wanted to meet the savages himself.

Ma Jiexing knelt before the emperor to report the truth about Xia Houyi’s murder. The emperor frightened her and told her to listen to her, and she would be punished if she said anything wrong. Ma Jiexing slowly said that she inferred that the murderer was a person who was proficient in pharmacology.

She used Lihu and Ginseng Decoction to make Xiahouyi feel weak, and took the opportunity to kill Xiahouyi, and the corpse still found no signs of poisoning. He used iron hooks to forge the scene of the savage killing, but he did not expect that the savage actually appeared. Ma Ying and the others saw that the murder hat was attached to Zhu Youwen.

There are only a dozen people in the Ma family who are proficient in pharmacology. As long as they are investigated one by one, the real culprit can be found. At this time, Wang Xiang stood up, and he admitted that Xia Houyi was killed by himself. The reason is that Xiahouyi tried to figure out the holy will and killed the Li family of the previous dynasty. He wanted to kill Xiahouyi and frame it to the Ma family.

The emperor praised Ma Yingxingqing for being better than blue for being blue, so Ma Ying watched and dealt with Wang Xiang. Ma Ying praised her daughter and told her to stop the arrest of Zhu Youwen. Going to visit Wang Xiang in the jail, a glass of poisonous wine is the final outcome of Wang Xiang. Wang Xiang was fortunate that Ma Ying gave him the last ride. He was grateful that Ma Ying had saved the former princess.

Ma Zengxing went to Langshou Mountain, she shook the bell vigorously, hoping Zhu Youwen would appear. Zhu Youwen heard the bell and ran to look for the star picking. However, seeing the back of the star picking, he was a little scared. He touched himself from the lake again. The necklace fished out was worried about being hurt again.

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