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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 19 Recap

Ma Qixing ran to the edge of the cliff, where there was no bottom, the wind blew through her ears, and the tree behind her was tied with a bell, making a crisp sound. Chu Youwen hurriedly searched for the horse and whispered for the stars. Ma Qiexing turned her head back with complicated eyes. She was almost certain that Chu Youwen was a wolf cub. Only the wolf cub could hear the sound of the wind and the bells to find herself.

With tears in Ma Caixing’s eyes, he blamed himself for not being able to recognize the wolf in the first place. Chu Youwen still denies that she is a wolf boy. Ma Zhuixing thinks that Chu Youwen is still blaming her for the deception. In order to confirm her inner guess, she stepped back to the cliff without fear or hesitation. Chu Youwen stretched out her hand. , I want to hold the horse to catch the stars, but it is too late. Ma Qiaoxing fell off the cliff, and Chu Youwen jumped down with Feishi, hugged Ma Qiaoxing, and brought her to the ground safely.

Ma Zaixing must have been Chu Youwen as a wolf cub, because only the wolf can save her. Chu Youwen could no longer hide, so he had to admit that he was a wolf boy. The reason why he did not confess his identity to Ma Dengxing was not because he still resented Ma Dengxing, but Chu Kui did not allow him to tell others about the wolf cub, which was extremely unfavorable for a prince. Another point is that he is no longer the kind and innocent wolf boy in Ma Caixing’s mind, but the ruthless King Bo, so he wants to keep the good wolf boy in Ma Caixing’s heart forever. Chu Youwen and Ma Zhaixing talked about each other’s affection, only wishing to be with each other in this life.

Knowing that the wolf boy is Chu Youwen, he rushed to take Ma Zhixing to the grassland where they met for the first time and confessed to her. Ji Chong is willing to be an unknown little guard in the King Xun’s Mansion for Ma Caixing, and he can also show up when she needs it and sacrifice her life to protect her. Originally, he always thought that he was the one who could accompany the horse to pick the stars, but now he has lost completely, not to Chu Youwen, but to Wolf, the man who can find the horse to pick the stars only by the sound of bells .

Before leaving, Ji Chong asked Ma Diexing to give herself something as a souvenir, and asked her to accompany her to deal with Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen received the rushing flying eagle’s letter and learned that Ma Zhixing had been tied to Kuizhou City by him, so he rushed to him immediately. As a result, as soon as his forefoot was gone, Chu Youzhen ran to Bowang Mansion.

In the Langshou Mountain, Chu Youwen and Ji Chong fought hard for the horse picking the stars. Fortunately, the horse picking the stars became wise, pretending that the wound had relapsed, and they immediately opened them. After rushing away, Ma Jiexing took the initiative to kiss Chu Youwen, and the two kissed intimately. In order to apologize for Ma Xingxing, Chu Youwen offered to stay with her one more night in Langshou Mountain, and then talked about what happened after Chu Kui was dismissed.

For eight long years, Chu Kui gave the wolf a chance to rebirth, healed the wolf and taught him martial arts and calligraphy. However, the wolf cub was not a prince at first, but was hidden in the palace cellar. In that cellar, there are many weirdos like wolf cubs that are not in the world. After training, these weirdos have done many unforgivable mistakes as weapons for marching and fighting.

Just as Chu Youwen and Ma Zhuixing were reminiscing about the past, they didn’t expect that Chu Kui suddenly came to Bowang Mansion and saw the shadow puppets of Xing’er and Langzi. They learned that Ma Zhuixing and Chu Youwen had already known each other. Chu Kui Wenxun was furious, thinking that Chu Youwen deliberately concealed himself and was no longer as loyal as before. After Chu Kui left, Ma Jing and others suggested that Mo Xiao go to Kuizhou City in person and inform Chu Youwen to return quickly.

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