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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 18 Recap

Ji Chong and Chu Youwen both shot the bull’s-eye with an iron ring, but the stall owner was shameless and only gave a jade finger. Ji Chong asked the stallholder to double the hoop, saying that he had to hand over the jade butterfly if he could shoot. Because the stall owner had a jade butterfly, he quickly suggested that the skilled one could get it, and then directly drew the long sword to hit the bullseye, while Chu Youwen clenched the toothed sword and voluntarily abstained.

While the people onlookers were celebrating the rush, Chu Youwen took the opportunity to take Ma Zaixing away and asked her if she had taken medicine on time, if her body was better, and why she still coughed. Listening to Chu Youwen’s caring words, Ma Qiexing ran away in a panic, unexpectedly the sachet fell out of his body. Seeing Ma Xingxing was very nervous about the sachet, Chu Youwen cruelly threw it away, completely cutting off her expectations.

Quick Chong helped Ma pick the stars back to Chu Youwen, and then turned her away. Ma Jiexing accidentally found Chu Youwen according to the direction of the wind and found the sachet that was blown away, suddenly shocked. Because in this world, only the wolf cub can see, and Chu Youwen looks for the sachet in exactly the same way as the wolf cub.

Recalling what Chu Youwen once said to himself, Ma Zhuixing thought that Chu Youwen was a wolf boy. In order to confirm his inner conjecture, Ma Zaixing hurriedly rode to the scene where the wolf cub fell off the cliff, and then asked Ji Chong whether he would be safe if he jumped from such a high cliff. Ji Chong said that if he jumped down from the cliff and is still safe, either he is a wolf, or the person has wolf-like intuition and skill.

It was precisely because of these words that Ma Jiexing was even more sure of Chu Youwen’s identity. She asked Ji Chong to help herself meet with Chu Youzhen, and several people jointly performed a play to see Chu Youwen’s sincerity. Swiftly kidnapped Chu Youzhen, threatening Chu Youwen to negotiate with himself, saying that he claimed that he had set alight in the house beforehand, which could make people weak and weak. Within half an hour, both Chu Youwen and Chu Youzhen would suffocate. dead.

Ji Chong had two antidote in his hand. He ate one by himself and left one to Chu Youwen and Chu Youzhen. Then he said that as long as Chu Youwen could promise to take himself out of King Xun’s Mansion, he would take the antidote. give him. Hearing this, Chu Youwen directly stuffed the last antidote into Chu Youzhen’s mouth, planning to get rid of Ji Chong before he died, but Ma Qiexing brought Chu Kui and the others in from outside.

Seeing Chu Youwen exchanging his life in order to save himself, Chu Youzhen was very moved. He apologized to him for what he had wronged Chu Youwen before, hoping that Chu Youwen could forgive him for his insensibleness.

Chu Kui was very puzzled, why Ma Jiexing thought Chu Youwen would save Chu Youzhen. Ma Jiexing took out Chu Youwen’s fang sword and told them that this sword was recast from two swords, and the hilt used was the dragon tongue sword of the Great Highness. She guessed that there was something hidden behind the death of His Highness, but Chu Youwen didn’t tell Chu Youzhen. Chu Kui admired Ma Jiexing’s intelligence very much, and simply told the truth. It turned out that his Highness was very poisonous. In order to prevent Chu Youzhen from falling into the enemy’s rebellion, he asked Chu Youwen to rescue him, and therefore lost his ability to find an antidote. opportunity.

After learning of this, Chu Youzhen collapsed very much. He felt that he had killed his eldest brother and hurried to the grave of His Highness. Chu Youwen went to comfort Chu Youzhen, and took from him the letter Ma Zaixing had written to him. The letter reads “The cliffs on the outskirts of the city, life is hanging by a thread”. Seeing the content of the letter, Chu Youwen hurried to find Ma Zhaixing.

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