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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 17 Recap

Bao Na’s trip not only brought a covenant, but even ordered Chu Youzhen to tie up and escort Chu Youzhen to the camp. Meeting again after a lapse of many years, it is still a situation of disrespect by brothers and friends. Chu Youzhen was rooted in a misunderstanding three years ago and planted a heart knot, and since then regarded Chu Youwen as an enemy.

Now that the estrangement accumulates, the relationship is difficult to return to the past. Bao Na wants to eliminate the grievances for the brothers, but it is a pity that Chu Youzhen still refuses to buy it and leaves the account in anger. People’s horses win the stars and make friends with them. Just as he rushed to accompany Chu Youzhen ranting about Chu Youwen, he did not expect that Chu Youwen suddenly appeared and informed the clues of the previous investigation, guessing that the inner ghost had colluded with the man to attack.

Since Jing Chu Chu lost his bones and flesh, she was completely disappointed with Chu Youzhen, and she simply wrote the informant letter in her own hand and sent it to Chu Kui, shaking out all the details of what her husband had done, and even ruthlessly letting her husband Jingxiang be the dead ghost. The matter is also informed. Seeing this anger, Chu Kui immediately called on Chu Youwen and others to leave for Beijing immediately, and finally publicized Chu Yougui’s evil deeds above the hall, demoted his king title, and was banned from the imperial tomb for life.

Chu Youzhen felt distressed for his second brother, begging Chu Kui to be rejected, and on the spot angrily criticized Chu Kui for being cold-blooded and ruthless. He only saw King Bo, a wild species, and never cared about the life and death of his own son. Seeing Chu Youwen ran out of the hall without looking back, Chu Kui felt powerless. The four sons who were in love with brothers and feet at the beginning are now falling apart, so he hoped that Ma Jiexing could ease the relationship between Chu Youwen and Chu Youzhen. , And then slowly revealed a tragic past.

Three years ago, His Royal Highness Chu Youyu led the army to fight, and Chu Youwen assisted him. The brothers worked together to win the victory one after another. Chu Youzhen heard that the war was nearing its end, and the situation was favorable to Yang, so he secretly ran to the front with a few guards, hoping to meet the eldest brother and the third brother. Unexpectedly, the lieutenant’s defection, coupled with the enemy’s surprise attack, eventually led to an imbalance in the battle situation of the Yang army and a tragic siege.

At the critical moment, Chu Youyu died on the spot after breaking off himself. Chu Youzhen hated Chu Youwen for escaping, so he planned to go to save people, but Chu Youwen knocked him out with a palm and brought him back to the palace. Since then, Chu Youwen has been misunderstood as deliberately murdering King Bin. Even in the face of Chu Youzhen’s bad attitude, he still tolerated and never defended him.

It is natural to hear that King Bo is ruthless and ruthless. He is ruthless and ruthless in order to establish his military exploits and even ignore his brotherhood. Chu Youzhen always suspected that his eldest brother’s temperament would lead the army to break through the encirclement with all his strength. How could he stay awaiting death, and his majesty died on the battlefield, but Chu Kui strictly ordered everyone not to talk about it. Make Chu Youzhen dissatisfied.

Ma Zhixing heard from the beginning to the end silently, did not say anything to favor any party, perhaps he would argue for Chu Youwen a few words before, thinking that he knew this person to some extent. But now the two of them are strangers, even if Ma Zaixing returns to the Bowang Mansion, they are still daunted, always wandering in front of the door. Chu Youwen knew that he did not know how to face him, and simply said that he would stay overnight at the Ministry of War to discuss the strategy of attack, and then left with the sword.

Since Chu Youwen moved out of the Bowang Mansion, in addition to drinking, he has competed with Mo Xiao in martial arts practice, and his shots have become more brutal. In order to allow Chu Youwen and Ma Jiexing to repeat their old good times, Haidie and others discussed to create opportunities for them to meet. Especially when they learned that Ji Chong would go to the East City with Ma Jiexing to play, the design quoted Chu Youwen to the east. city.

Various vendors gathered in the East City, which was much more lively than Kuizhou City. Now that the death of His Highness is approaching, Ma Jiexing intends to look for the Dragon Tongue Sword he lost on the battlefield, but he hasn’t been there yet. He rushed to buy candied haws for Ma Qiexing. Ma Qiexing stood in front of the steamed buns stall, and finally met Chu Youwen, and the two asked for buns in unison.

The owner of the archery booth used the butterfly jade pendant as the winning item and greeted everyone to come forward and participate. However, there were many people onlookers, but no one personally tested the shooting because it was too difficult. Chu Youwen knew that Ma Dixing liked butterflies, so he took the initiative to hit the bullseye. Everyone was shocked and cheered.

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