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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 16 Recap

King Bo only took Wen Yan and several Bojun troops to Fuhulin for the appointment on time, and Mo Xiao led the rest of the Bojun troops to Nanliao Pagoda to greet the Four Highnesses. Reaching the stars happened to meet Bao Na, who was welcoming King Bo, and only then knew that Bao Na had not sent an envoy to deliver the letter. It turns out that Fuhulin is a trap! Reaching the stars worried about the situation of King Bo, and the two went to rescue with Bao Na, and saw that King Bo and Wen Yan were attacked. Reaching the Star and Baona cooperated with each other to win the time for King Bo to get out, and rushing also appeared in time. Everyone was in the sea of ​​arrows chased by the enemy, and rushing to stop the arrow for Ji. Ji Chong asked Bo Wang to leave with the severely injured Picking Star. After breaking himself, immediately after everyone left, Ji Chong revealed his true colors. It turned out that this trap was designed by him and Shu Ren.

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