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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 16 Recap

King Bo fell into the trap

Ji Chong very frankly expressed his admiration for Ma Caixing. Whether it was the first time she saw her dressed in a Chinese dress and calmly and calmly commanding many officers and soldiers, her momentum and strategy were not at all for a man; or the gentleness and kindness she met again, never at all. There is a status bias. It was because of Ma Jiexing’s deep affection for King Bo that Ji Chong admired this woman more and more, and decided to let him protect him in the future.

After leaving the threshold, Ma Jiexing walked towards the wilderness while crying. As she looked back frequently, she didn’t expect Ji Chong to rush to chase her. Quickly hugged the horse and picked up the stars, directly tore off the red string on her wrist, and said that since the marriage contract is painful, it is better to forget it completely and live as you wish.

Ma Zhixing rushed to a nearby inn and settled down in a nearby inn. He will go on his way again tomorrow. As a result, he did not see the rushing figure early in the morning. Instead, he met Princess Bao Na in the wild. He learned that someone had sent a letter in the name of the princess. trap.

However, Chu Youwen hadn’t noticed it at this time. He asked Mo Xiao to lead the people to the Nanliao Pagoda to join Chu Youzhen, and then took Wen Yan and several Bojun troops to Fuhulin for the appointment.

Bo Jun pretends to be a guard, and first introduces Chu Youwen to Fuhulin. The other subordinates lie in ambush around and slowly approach with their long bows. After an order is given, the arrows are shot away like rain, both disturbing and fatal The elite soldiers he carried fell to death one after another. Even though Chu had a strong civil and military skill, he was forced to desperate, Wen Yan also struggled to cope with it, both master and servant were bound by chains.

Considering Chu Youwen’s current situation, Ma Qiexing was reluctant to look for reinforcements, and then left a note to inform Ji Chong, so he went to the rescue with Bao Na, and cooperated with each other to get Chu Youwen free. Just when he received the note and appeared in time, the leader Cheng Liang was a little stunned to see this. Chu Youwen took the opportunity to get rid of the shackles and successfully led everyone to stand out from the siege and flee, but the other party was chasing him.

Seeing a sneak attack by Bobing with sharp arrows, Ma Qiaoxing subconsciously pushed away and rushed to block his arrows. Wen Yan hurriedly stepped forward to check and found that the arrows had penetrated deeply into the flesh. If he did not stop the bleeding and treat him as soon as possible, he would be unable to recover.

Chu Youwen hugged her horse to win the stars, and immediately rushed back to camp holding her. Hundreds of soldiers chased after him, only to see the rush to stay where he was. At first Cheng Liang laughed at him for being overpowered, but when he saw the face of the opponent, he was shocked and even led the crowd to kneel down to worship this brave and combative Sichuan Dragon Army. The marshal was also Li Cunxu, the eldest son of the country.

As the plan to assassinate King Bo failed, Ji Chong ordered Cheng Liang not to intervene again, and immediately learned that Ma Ying was not the cause of Lu Guo’s destruction of the door, so he guessed that there must be hidden secrets, and instructed him to investigate this matter secretly. Although Cheng Liang was puzzled, he still agreed, and told him to be very careful so as not to cause King Bo to suspect and cause trouble.

After returning to the camp, Ji Chong wanted to visit Ma Jiexing but was blocked. Huo rushed in and saw Ma Jiexing dying. Even though Wen Yan tried his best to heal, the pulse condition gradually weakened because of Ma Zhaixing’s injuries. Fortunately, Bao Na suddenly remembered that Guo Shi had made life-saving pills for the royal family. There were only three pills left in the world, and one of them was on her body. So she hurriedly fed the Ma Xingxing suit, and it didn’t take long before she recovered her anger.

Seeing that Ma Zhexing was safe and sound, Bao Na immediately set off to rush back to Zhabong to explain the ins and outs to her father. Chu Youwen thinks about all the previous things, and still has lingering fears. He expresses his gratitude to Bao Na, and Bao Na also thinks that Chu Youwen really loves horse picking the stars, and the feelings revealed between life and death will never be fake.

Ji Chong couldn’t figure out why Chu Youwen deliberately left his horse to win the stars in Kuizhou City. However, Chu Youwen still stubbornly refused to reveal his inner feelings, which once again caused Ji Chong to misunderstand and felt it was worthless to win the stars for Ma. The two men clashed outside the camp. Chu Youwen easily defeated Ji Chong. He threatened that he would lose as long as Ji Chong made him take a step back. He didn’t expect Ji Chong to resist the pain of his whole body and gritted his teeth to win the victory.

That night, rushed to the camp to visit Ma Zaixing, and angrily rebuked her not to leave the inn without authorization, and even used her body to block arrows. Ma Jiexing smiled and comforted him not to worry, but when he saw Chu Youwen, his face changed instantly and he drove him out. Wen Yan was very uncomfortable seeing Chu Youwen being misunderstood by Ma Jiexing, and felt that the two of them should talk about it, but Chu Youwen didn’t care, bluntly saying that Ma Jiexing was alive is more important than anything else.

After Chu Yougui learned that Ji Chong had missed in Fuhulin, he became furious and was accidentally heard by Jing Chuchu. In order to prevent her husband from harming his brothers and feet, Jing Chuchu knelt down and begged him to turn his head back. However, Chu Yougui was confused. When the two of them had a dispute, Jing Chuchu accidentally fell into a miscarriage.

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