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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 14 Recap

Even though it was just a nightmare, it also heralded the potential danger around him. Chu Youwen was afraid that Ma Jiexing would be harmed by Chu Kui, so he could only make up his mind to push her away cruelly, and then informed his subordinates to keep with Ma Jiexing. Distance should not be mixed with personal affair.

Haidie and others knew that Chu Youwen was not a cool person. The reason why he gave this order was nothing more than to protect the safety of Ma Zengxing. However, Ma Zengxing had been so passionate about it, I am afraid it would be hard to give up. Chu Youwen believes that if the relationship is difficult to end, then there is no need to start. If you want to make the other party completely desperate, you must first accept the endless disappointment.

At this time, Ma Jiexing was still immersed in sweetness, and he specially got up early to cook and gave it to Chu Youwen. When he walked through the courtyard, he found that the child’s paper kite fell on the eaves, so he hurriedly fetched a ladder. It happened that Chu Youwen came out of the study, his eyes fell on Ma Qiexing’s injured leg, so he concealed his worries, then stepped forward to reprimand, and left angrily, leaving only Ma Qiexing and Ma Jing to stay where they were, full of fog. water.

Chu Youwen was instructed to go to Zuke to bring back the covenant of borrowing soldiers, and by the way, to welcome the Fourth His Royal Highness Chu Youzhen into the palace. Because he would pass through Kuizhou City on the way, Chu Kui told Chu Youwen to bring the princess on this trip so as to deepen the relationship between the two. Chu Youwen sniffed the conspiracy, so he tried to get Ma Caixing to leave as soon as possible.

That night, Haidie was preparing clothes for King Bo to travel in the study, but Ma Qiexing wanted to come forward to help but was refused. Facing the sudden change in attitude of the master and servants, Ma Jiexing was a little at a loss, Hai Die couldn’t bear it, and asked her to sort it out, but Ma Jiexing saw the character “break” written by Chu Youwen in the case.

This word made Ma Jing dissatisfied, and hurriedly said that she was unlucky, and simply tied the red thread requested by Yue Lao Temple to Ma Zhu Xing’s wrist, and bought her a signature signed by her husband. Ma Jiexing was deeply moved and personally prepared Chu Youwen’s favorite musk dew. Chu Youwen was a little surprised, but still cruelly accused her of not interfering in political affairs.

Chu Yougui met with Ji Chong in secret to discuss the next assassination plan. He thought this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he had contacted Shu Jun in advance, and both parties would lie in ambush halfway. As for Ji Chong, he will approach the horse to pick the stars as a Xiangma teacher, so as to get in and out of the team, looking for opportunities for Chu Youwen to place the order, but he asks for the reward to be doubled after the incident is completed, and Chu Yougui said that as long as the heart is removed If you are in serious trouble, you would rather go bankrupt.

During the march, rushed uninvited and took the initiative to chat with Ma Zhaixing. Chu Youwen saw that the two were talking very happily, and became jealous, and immediately interrupted the conversation. Ji Chong summoned the golden eagle to chase the sun and concluded that the road ahead was impassable. He suggested that Chu Youwen change his route. It happened that the sentry in front reported that the gorge pass about Mo Baili had collapsed, proving that Ji Chong’s words were true.

Even though Chu Youwen didn’t like to rush, he was still willing to give him a hundred taels of silver to be responsible for finding the way to ensure that the trip was not hindered. Ji Chong was aware of Chu Youwen’s attitude towards Ma Zaixing, thinking about the rumors that the Bo Wang and his wife had a deep affection, but they increasingly questioned its authenticity. At the same time, he felt that the disharmony in the relationship is a good thing, so as not to prevent Ma from winning the stars. It was sad to hear that King Bo was killed in another country.

A group of people rushed to Kuizhou City, and Chengzhu Li had been waiting at the door for a long time. He used money to buy an official position. He wanted to take this opportunity to please King Bo and his wife and ensure that their official career can be smooth, so he prepared a banquet early. Unexpectedly, Chu Youwen did not allow Ma to pick the stars to attend the banquet, but ordered her to return to Mafu.

Ma Zhaixing hoped that Chu Youwen could accompany her to the Langshou Mountain, but was rejected again. Seeing Ma Caixing slumped in public, she couldn’t help but laugh at her expressing affection by watching a wolf. It would be better to dance the Queen’s Dance at the banquet tonight to win Chu Youwen’s favor.

The Dance of the Queen’s Daughter is a sword dance used by Ma Jiajun to celebrate the victory. I don’t know when it has become a well-known dance in Kuizhou City. At the suggestion of Ji Chong and Chengzhu Li, Ma Jiexing decided to dance in person, but he didn’t know he had fallen into the trap. This dance was the first step in the assassination plan. Ji Chong imitated Princess Bao Na’s note letter, and handed the token to General Cheng, let him pass it to Chu Youwen, and lead it to the trap.

That night, Chu Youwen stayed at the City Lord’s Mansion, and City Lord Li hosted a banquet. Even the three sons who had been played by the horse picking the stars came to the banquet. During the banquet, the fine wine and delicacies, pan-feather merchants, were originally distracted by the literary sense, and remained unmoved, until Ma Jiexing slowly came to the stage in strong clothes, holding a sharp sword in front of him.

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