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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 12 Recap

Bao Na was annoyed at King Bo’s preference for star picking, and angrily took back the book of loan-to-arms alliance hidden in the scroll, and went out of the city to return to the city. When King Yun saw that Po Na was making a plan, he secretly sent a signal to the rush and bounty people. So fast, she kidnapped Bao Na smoothly. King Bo rushed to where Bao Na was attacked, and found that Bao Na’s whereabouts were unknown.

In the court, Chu Kui learned of King Bo’s mistakenly borrowed troops and imprisoned King Bo in the sky prison, and ordered King Yun to quickly find Bao Na. Anxiously Reaching the Stars met Chu Kui and asked him to find Bao Na together. After Chu Kui agreed, he picked up the Stars to visit King Bo in the sky prison, and the two saw their true love in adversity. Starcatcher used King Bo’s blood to command the wolf and found the hiding place for the bounty man. Seeing that the chasing soldiers were approaching, the bounty people evacuated quickly, and decided to stay behind and set a poisonous scorpion trap.

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