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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 1 Recap

Decades ago, when the two countries were opposed to each other, the king of Yang Chukui violently conquered, leading to wars. King Bo has a loyal temperament and failed to resist Chu Kui. However, Chu Kui had no way, and actually cut the grass and roots of all the resisters. His deputy Xia Houyi was ordered to encircle and suppress all members of the royal family. It seemed that no one could escape. At this point, the Lord of Yang is in charge of life and death, and enjoys a peaceful and peaceful age.

Kuizhou City Lord Ma Ying stayed in a paradise and was embraced by the people. He had both children under his knees. However, the eldest son Ma Jun was born by the eldest lady. He was arrogant and domineering. Although temporarily acting as the city lord, he had no virtue of the city lord. Right now Ma Jun is dealing with a wolf monster wounding case, and the whistleblower is a young and strong young hunter in the city. Many people gather around the door and learn the cause from his words.

Since the snow melted in the early spring, there have been rumors of wolf monsters in Kuizhou City. Some people even described the wolf monsters as being refined, bloodthirsty and brutal, not only capable of calling the wind and rain, but also good at commanding wolves and charming minds. Because of this added oil and vinegar, both men and women, young and old, are panicked, and regardless of whether it is true or false, the source alone points to the mountains outside the city.

The shape of this mountain is like a wolf head roaring with teeth, the terrain is towering, the cloud and mist above the mountainside is also a place where wolves haunt, so it is called the wolf hunting mountain, and hunters often set traps to sell wolf skin and wolf meat for a living. Especially recently in northern Xinjiang, there is a widespread rumour that wolf meat cures all diseases, and one or two wolf meat is worth ten thousand dollars, so few hunters follow their father into the mountains.

His father was worried about the outside world, and he hung a magic pestle in the treetops. How did the wild beasts howl suddenly broke out in the forest, accompanied by a gloomy wind, surrounded by clouds and mist, and he surrounded the father and son, almost unable to distinguish the direction. The young hunter found that the wild wolf had strayed into the trap. Not only was he overjoyed, he wanted to throw a spear to kill, but the thunder and lightning appeared, and the fog gradually thickened, as if thousands of wolves were close at hand, and the big mouth of the blood basin came from the front.

Afterwards, the young hunter and his father escaped from the dead, thinking that his father was hit hard at home, he still had lingering fears, and simply pleaded with the young city lord to send someone up to the mountain to help the people. However, Ma Jun didn’t believe that there were weird things in the world. It was all nonsense. He just wanted to order his servants to drive away the young hunter, but he stopped talking.

A young girl came in directly from the door. She looked like cardamom up close, with a slender figure. Junxiu, dressed in a blue shirt and a skirt lined with bright eyes, not only has the innocence of not knowing the world, but also the cleverness of knowledge. It is well known that this person is the female horse of the city lord.

Even though Ma Qiexing is a concubine, she is favored by Ma Ying and has no fear of her elder brother. Instead, she contradicts and takes the initiative to help the hunter. The eldest lady was angry at her and reprimanded her for being nosy. Ma Jun was choked up by her sister’s sharp teeth. His face was ugly, but his nature was dull, and he couldn’t think of words back and forth.

At this point, Ma Caixing asked his elder brother to personally lead the mountain to explore the wolves and monsters. If there are any wolves, he immediately ordered the closure of the mountain and banned eating wolf meat and hunting wolf packs to protect the people in the city. Ma Jun was hindered by his father’s return to the city recently, and did not dare to offend Ma Jiexing, so he publicly agreed, but he was secretly calculated by Ma Jiexing.

On the Wolf Hunter Mountain, it was clear that the day was in the sky, and Ma Jun led the people to walk halfway up the mountain. Unexpectedly, the clouds and mist locks, just as the young hunter said, it seemed to enter the ghost world. The dense green light hovered in the center of the smoke, which flicked from time to time. At first glance, it looked like an beast’s eye. A few huge wolves appeared next to them, scared Ma Jun fell to the ground and fled in embarrassment, dragging his right who had been ravaged by the beast trap. Legs, screamed “Fengshan” in panic.

When everyone flees in a hurry, not only are there wolves in the forest, but there is also a young man who looks like a savage, who knows how to climb, behaves agilely, and can have close contact with wolves. Although he is not good at speech, he can understand Ma Zhai. What the star said, including the closing of the mountain was also deliberately arranged by Ma Qiexing to disperse Ecstasy in advance to create hallucinations in order to prevent humans from hunting.

Stills Star-catching design prevents humans from hunting wolves

A year ago, Ma Qiexing was the female Locao Xunniang loved during her lifetime. He first set foot on the wolf hunting mountain and suddenly broke into the wolf pack site. By the way, he rescued the seriously injured man. After several days of treatment and care, Ma Jiexing gradually got acquainted with the man and called him a “wolf boy”. She taught him to read and read, and he took her to feel the nature. The two had a good time without any language, only by mutual understanding.

However, the wolf boy has a habit like a wolf, but he is a human after all, and he will return to life in the future. In order to allow the wolf boy to adapt to the environment as soon as possible, Ma Jiexing decided to take him down the mountain to contact humans. This day happened to catch up with Ma Ying and lead his army back to the city. Among his fellow travelers was the respected Xia Houyi, who was also the righteous brother of the emperor.

The bazaar at the foot of the mountain is bustling and hustling, and the wolf boy follows Ma Qixing and looks east and west. He is scared when he sees people, panic when he sees the car, only the chicken covets. Ma Qiexing took the wolf cub to the tavern, and performed the whole process of her acquaintance with the wolf cub in the form of shadow puppets. There are more and more audiences in front of the stage. Coupled with the concerted efforts of the musical instruments, it is particularly eye-catching. Even the wolf boy is moved by it, as if the past is still in my memory.

Just as the story was savory, there was the sound of selling candied haws. The wolf boy wanted to buy a bunch to give to Ma Caixing. Because there was no concept of exchanging money for things, the people next to him almost regarded him as a thief. Facing the pointing and pointing of the people around, the wolf boy gradually felt the hostility. He stared at everyone alertly, and he couldn’t help but sullen. Fortunately, the old lady who sells steamed buns is kind-hearted and actively pays for him, and also comes with a meat bun. The crowd around the audience knew that there was a misunderstanding, and it gradually dissipated. Ma Caixing was very pleased to see this situation. It was also the second time the wolf boy felt human kindness.

When Xia Houyi was a guest at the Mafu, he did not show his due politeness. Instead, he ridiculed the huge Kuizhou city with the least annual tribute. Even if Ma Ying was the lord of a city, he was just a gatekeeper in front of the emperor. . When Ma Jiexing came back from outside, he happened to hear this and directly responded.

Fearing Xiahouyi to blame, Ma Ying rushed to punish Ma Xingxing for seven days before he became angry. He obviously asked his daughter to think behind closed doors, but actually blocked her from trouble. This four or two strokes of a thousand catties is decent, Xia Houyi despise Ma Ying. The mentality is also slightly convergent.

After the conversation was over, Ma Ying sent Xiahouyi away, and then prepared to eat and send it away, chatting with Ma Qiexing, the father and daughter were talking and laughing. Xiahouyi’s depression remained unresolved, and the stubborn illness was not healed for a long time, so he immediately ordered Mafu’s steward Wang Xiang to go to Langshou Mountain to catch the young wolf, in order to cure rheumatic arthralgia.

Early the next morning, accompanied by Ma Qiexing, the wolf boy picked the fruit and gave it to his uncle and mother-in-law who had helped him. During this time, he kissed Ma Qiexing on the cheek to express his love. Thinking that the wolf cub once saw a child express his gratitude to his mother in this way, Ma Zhixing suddenly became ashamed and told him not to do this to other girls in the future.

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