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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 36 Recap

Hande Rang wrote a one-night memorial and presented it to Yan Yan the next day. Yan Yan carefully read Hande Rang’s memorial. She and Hande Rang discussed the current situation in Daliao and believed that only useful people would be recommended for reform. Once the reform is successful In order to reverse the situation in Daliao. Hande Rang has a vision. Yan Yan believes that Hande Rang cannot be trapped in the small place of Youzhou alone. Hande Rang said that his stay in Youzhou will not only help Yelvxian and Yanyan consolidate their hearts, but also benefit the people. At this moment, Ye Luxian appeared in front of the two of them. He was worried about Yan Yan, so he went to Youzhou without hesitation.

It was only then that Han Derang knew that Yan Yan was pregnant. He pleaded guilty to Ye Luxian and almost sent him to the queen and the little prince. In distress. Yelvxian didn’t blame Handerang, he also advised Handerang to return to Beijing. The road to reform in Daliao was imperative, and they needed Handerang. Hande let Ben insist on resigning, but in the face of the two’s repeated requests, he only said that he needed more consideration.

In the evening, Yanyan and Ye Luxian mentioned the case of Handejang returning to Beijing. Yanyan believed that Daliao really needed Handejang. Even if Handejang insisted on staying in Youzhou at that time, she also hoped Yeluxian would make an order to let Handejang return to Beijing by the order of the king. Ye Luxian had promised Handerang that he would no longer force Handerang to do anything against his will in this life. Yanyan clearly told Yelvxian that if Han Deran did not return to Beijing, the resistance to Daliao’s reform would not be eliminated.

Han Deran must return to Beijing. Ye Luxian didn’t continue to discuss this issue with Yanyan any more. He looked for a day to go to the study to read the memorials by himself, but in his heart he couldn’t help asking himself whether he was the one who could let Hande follow to the death.

The next day, Li Sier took the liberty to see Yanyan. She was envious when she saw that Xiao Yanyan was pregnant again, and she was very sorry that she had not become pregnant since she married into the Han family for more than ten years. Later, she mentioned that Handejeong was unwilling to return to Beijing, and she also stopped her not wanting Handejean to return to Beijing. The man’s aspiration is to take care of the world. Yanyan believes that Handerang has enough abilities to go down in history. He should not be trapped in this small Youzhou City.

Daliao needs Handerren, and Li Sier cannot tie Handerang by his little love. Li Sier knew that her little love was not as good as Jiangshan Sheji, but before she left, she still mentioned to Yanyan that she might not be the person who understands Hande-jang best, but the person who loves him most.

Seeing Li Si’er leaving behind, Yanyan only said that Li Si’er was just a woman trapped in Xiaoqing and Xiaoai. The conversation between the two was heard by Ye Luxian. Ye Luxian knew that Yan Yan was a big Liao, so he decided to obey. Yanyan would use her own method to get Handerang back to Beijing.

At night, Yelvxian came to Han Mansion to see Han Derang, and the two sat down to have a peaceful talk. Ye Luxian asked whether Handejang regretted assisting him to the throne. In Handejang’s heart, Yelvxian has always been the king, so he never regretted assisting Yeluxian. Since Handejang had never denied himself in his heart, Ye Luxian also knew that Handejang was reluctant to return to Beijing because of the disputes in the court and the unpredictable Sacred Heart. It was his single heart that made Hande ill in his heart. For many years, Yelvxian has been in a daze. He won the queen, but lost Yanyan, and got Han adults, but lost Han Si, but if there is a chance to come back, his choice will not change, he Not only Yelvxian, but also the lord of Daliao.

When the words fell, Ye Luxian knelt down and begged Han Dejean to return to Beijing. His body is not as good as the day. The prince is young and Yanyan is lacking in skills. As long as Hande Rang is willing to return to Beijing, he is willing to agree to Hande Rang no matter what conditions, he will become the strongest. backing. Yelvxian was sincere, and Han Derang no longer had other worries. He promised Yelvxian to return to Beijing. Little did she know that Li Sier had witnessed everything in the dark at this time. She was in tears and sad, but could not stop her husband.

In the eleventh year of Baoning, Han Kuangsi was ordered to serve as the coach. He led the army south with Sa Tixiu, the prime minister of Nanfu, and pursued the southern army. Han Dejang said goodbye to his father and his brother. After that, Handerang returned to Beijing and was envoy to the Privy Council of the South of the People’s Republic. Hu Gu objected to Xi Yin, and Xiao Yanyan mentioned that Hande let alone guard Youzhou City, thus blocking everyone’s mouth. As a result, Hugu and Xiyin’s group had even greater opinions. They decided to conspire to overthrow Han Dejang, and the world of Daliao would never let the southerners act wantonly.

Yelvxian received an urgent letter from 800 miles, and Hugu and his party also received the news. They met Yelvxian at the Imperial Study Room. Han Kuangsi at the frontier refused to listen to Brother Xiu’s words and fell into a trick of surrendering, causing nearly 10,000 soldiers to be lost. The southern lord fled south. Hu Gu and Xi Yin hope that Yelvxian can execute Han Kuangsi and stabilize the army. Ye Luxian suppressed the matter, but his physical condition got worse. After receiving the news, Handerang came to the palace and knelt. He asked to commit the crime for his father, but Yelvxian refused to see Handerang.

Xiao Yanyan asked about Han Kuangsi. Ye Luxian believed that Han Kuangsi should be cut according to the law. Xiao Yanyan thought Yelvxian was too radical, and she was afraid that Yelvxian would regret it in the future. Ye Luxian was furious. He questioned the reason why Xiao Yanyan protected Han Kuangsi. Xiao Yanyan was dedicated to the country.

She mentioned Ye Luxian’s idea of ​​letting Han Kuangsi be in charge. Ye Luxian wanted the Han family to gain a firm foothold in the court. After being radical, Han Kuangsi had never had experience in leading combat, and now the situation was caused by Yelvxian’s difference. After Ye Luxian heard Xiao Yanyan’s words, he was even more angry. He threw the cup in anger and let Yanyan go ahead.

After recovering, Ye Luxian didn’t understand how he lost control of his emotions just now. He asked his mother-in-law to declare the decree, and Han Kuang would cut his sins, but thought that he served three generations of monarchs, so he let Han De let his job be cut off. Hearing that his father was unharmed, Han Dejang got up and returned home. Ye Luxian is time to drink the medicine, but he is unwilling to drink the medicine, just want to go out to relax.

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