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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 35 Recap

Hande ordered Lu Cun to lead three hundred soldiers to evacuate all the old women and children in the city. The people of Youzhou must not fall into the hands of the enemy. Li Zha led three hundred soldiers to gather grain and grass against the city gate, and the commander Xiao Tugu continued to lead the soldiers with him. The survival of Youzhou City fell on a few of them. They must swear to protect Youzhou.

Xiyin got angry and returned to the camp. He has been obsessed with the throne. Wuguli persuaded Xiyin to give up this idea. She didn’t want her child to have an accident with any one of Yanyan. Xi Yin couldn’t swallow this breath. He didn’t want to be under control all the time. Seeing Xi Yin’s tone so determined, Wu Guli had to agree to Xi Yin. She couldn’t stop Xi Yin, so she could only stand beside him and support him.

There was a war in Youzhou, and Han Deran was wounded in the war. Now Youzhou’s troops are less than two thousand. If the Lord has no support, they will be defeated. Lord Liu Han learns that King Ji has been ambushed, and he is afraid of leaving the city to surrender. Nanzhu suffered heavy casualties due to the First Battle of Taiyuan City, and he set fire to destroy the city in a rage. Handerang knew well that after the fire had passed, the Southern Lord would come towards Daliao. He was ready to wait for the black Southern Army to be scarce, and then he would find a way to ask the Lord for help.

At night, Han De let his eyes full of tears stroked and held the dark clouds and gaixue. He and Wuyun gaixue had known each other for more than ten years. It was because of the dark clouds and gaixue that he knew Yan Yan, so he asked Wuyun Gaixue to send a letter to Yanyan . Youzhou was helpless at the moment, and Han De let all hope be placed on the dark clouds and snow, and the dark clouds and snow did not live up to Han Deran’s expectations. It came to deliver the letter to Yan Yan, but fell in front of Yan Yan with an arrow.

Yanyan saw Han Derang’s letter, and she quickly asked Yelvxian to discuss matters with the court officials. Yelvxian ordered Brother Xiu to lead one hundred thousand leather soldiers to Youzhou to help. Yanyan knew the importance of Youzhou. She would like to lead one hundred thousand leather soldiers to Youzhou to help. Now that Yanyan is pregnant with Liujia, even though Ye Luxian knows the reason for the speed of soldiers, he still disagrees. He coughs more and Yanyan orders people to take Ye Luxian down to rest first. As the regent, Yanyan has enough ability to deal with major affairs of the court, so she concealed the fact that Yelvxian led the army and asked Brother Xiu to stay in the palace to handle all government affairs.

Xiao Yanyan and Xie Zhen led one hundred thousand leather army representatives. Ye Luxian was anxious after learning the news. He was worried about Yanyan and asked the kings of the Fifth Academy to clear 80,000 elites, and Xie would lead the troops to support Yanyan. The city of Youzhou was in chaos, and the southern army was coming fiercely. Seeing that Youzhou city was about to be unstoppable, Han Derang had no intention of retreating. He boarded Yanyuntai and defended Youzhou with all the soldiers. Even if he died, he would die. In Youzhou City. In the raging war, Han Derang, in order to protect the Youzhou banner, stayed alone on Yanyuntai until the last moment, and reached Yanyan’s support.

Xiao Yanyan was wearing a battle robe. She rode a fierce horse to Youzhou and saved Han Deran’s life with a sharp arrow in her hand. The two faced each other amidst the flames of war, and Han Deran called out the name she was thinking of after many years. Yanyuntai was the place where the two of them settled, and now it is also the place where the two met, but the two have long been unable to return to the beginning. There is a difference between the monarch and the minister. After Han Dejang regained his sanity, he resumed the manner of the monarch and the minister with Yanyan. And Handejean also fainted due to serious injuries.

The Queen’s surrogate conquered, and Youzhou was guaranteed. Xiao Yanyan returned to the old place of Mu Zong’s bedroom and couldn’t help but remember the scene when she came in pretending to be Xiao Guhun more than ten years ago. It was Handerang who rescued her at that time. Now after more than ten years, she can’t help but miss the days when she could be reckless. After a war, Youzhou City was greatly injured. Yanyan stood on Yanyun Terrace and looked down at Youzhou. Han Derang came to see Yanyan. Yanyan always had lingering fears.

The two of them were almost separated from each other. Han Deran didn’t expect it. Yanyan will conquer herself. Yanyan shouldn’t have come. Yanyan only said that she came to protect this people. Just as the two said in Yanyuntai, both of them are passers-by, and The talents who stay here are forever.

Handerang has been away from Beijing for eleven years. Yanyan asked Handerang to return to Beijing with her. Handerang said that he wanted to guard Youzhou. Yanyan did not force Handerang, but only gave Handerang enough time to think about it. Brother Xiu was injured in this battle. Yanyan came to visit Brother Xiu. She knew the importance of Brother Xiu in this battle. Brother Xiu mentioned the contribution of Yelu Archaeology and Handerang.

Although the two lost in the first battle, they contributed a lot. . Xiao Hailan on the side heard Brother Xiu boasting about his father’s archeology, and couldn’t help but express his gratitude to Brother Xiu. The two met for the first time. The battle was won. Yanyan decided to wait for Hande-jang to return to Beijing. Hande-jang’s stay in Beijing was more important than Youzhou. This is a good thing for Yugong. Brother Xiu agreed with Yanyan’s ideas. As for private, that’s all. Trivial.

Yanyan rewarded the officials for their merits in the Chamber. As for the death of Ji Wang Dilie in battle, she no longer pursued the enemy’s unauthorized dispatch of troops. At this moment, Princess Ji refused to accept her and came to make trouble. She believed that King Ji’s death was caused by Handerang. If Handejean refused to send troops to help, King Ji would not die in battle. She asked Yanyan to give her justice. Yanyan brought up the guilt of King Ji for sending troops without authorization, and Han De let the responsibility be to guard Youzhou. She understood the grief of Princess Ji, so she didn’t investigate too much, and hoped that Princess Ji could do it for herself. Concubine Ji glared at Handerang, saying that she would never let Handerang go.

Han Derang went to the streets with Xiao Yanyan and his party, and ran into a dispute between the Khitan and the southerners. Han Dejang reported to Xiao Yanyan the injustice of the Southerners and the Khitans of the same crimes and different laws. In the eyes of the Khitans, the lives of the Southerners were like grass and mustards. unfair.

Xiao Hailan taught the Khitan dude on the street, and just met Xie Zhen. Xie Zhen liked Xiao Hailan very much. He came forward to chat with Xiao Hailan, but Xiao Hailan heard that Xie Zhen was inquiring about the location of the brothel earlier. With a good face, Xie Zhen slapped Xie Zhen instead. Yelu Xiezhen fell in love with Hailan at first sight. He came to ask Brother Xiu to help him. Brother Xiu mentioned Xiao Hailan’s identity and asked Yelu Xiezhen to find ways to make military merits so that the queen could marry him. Yelu Xiezhen didn’t want to use this method. He wanted Xiao Hailan to like him, so he asked Brother Xiu how to chase a woman, but Brother Xiu twisted Yelu Xiezhen’s ears, thinking that Yelu Xiezhen became more and more presumptuous.

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