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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 16 Recap

Wei Xiaobao was gambling money with the guards. The Wangwushan disciple Zeng Rouwen suddenly broke into Wei Xiaobao’s camp. The two sides were frightened. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly hid the money and ordered the guards to put away the sword. Zeng Rou drew the sword and hijacked Wei Xiaobao. For a comparison, Wei Xiaobao took advantage of his precautions and drew out a dagger to hold Zeng Rou, and wanted to gamble with Zeng Rou. If Zeng Rou loses, her seniors will undoubtedly die.

Wei Xiaobao asked Zeng Rou to roll the dice. Wei Xiaobao won the first hand. He taught Zeng Rou to roll the dice. He deliberately let her win and let her brothers go. Before leaving, Wei Xiaobao gave Zeng Rou the pair of dice. Wei Xiaobao and his party quickly came to Shaolin Temple and read the emperor’s reward to the host and the abbot. The emperor even asked Wei Xiaobao to make a ordination in Shaolin Temple on his behalf. Wei Xiaobao was immediately dumbfounded. The abbot named him Hu Ming and held a shaved ceremony on the spot.

Wei Xiaobao became a monk in Shaolin Temple. He went out to relax and suddenly saw two Shaolin disciples be beaten by two nuns. Wei Xiaobao was deeply attracted by the beauty of the nun named A Ke, and molested her in every way. The nun punched and kicked him. Wei Xiaobao was beaten up and bitterly. Thanks to the monks from Shaolin Temple who arrived in time, Wei Xiaobao wanted to marry A Ke as his wife. A Ke was forced to die. Wei Xiaobao was so scared that he hurried to leave. Let Ake go.

Early the next morning, Wei Xiaobao came to the hall and saw the abbot accompanied Mongolian prince Geerdan, the great Tibetan lama Changqi Grandmaster, and Ma Bao under the Pingxi King Wu Sangui. Geerdan ridiculed Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao Sneered at him. Chang Qi publicly exposed a stunning beauty in Wei Xiaobao’s private possession. Geldan wanted to search his room, but the abbot flatly refused.

At this moment, A Ke’s senior sister came to Wei Xiaobao’s dignitaries. Ma Bao tried his best to defend Wei Xiaobao, and repeatedly claimed that Wei Xiaobao had killed Obai, and Changqi, Geldan and others had to leave. The emperor sent someone to send the imperial decree. It was a few paintings. The abbot recognized that the emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to go to Qingliang Temple to block the holder. Wei Xiaobao did not want to go, but did not dare to violate the imperial decree, so Wei Xiaobao had to go to Qingliang Temple as abbot.

Wei Xiaobao wanted to see Master Xingchi, but he refused to see anyone. Wei Xiaobao sent Master Xingguang to build a thatched hut in the southeast, northwest and northwest of Qingliang Temple. Three of them were guarded by four people. They must not disturb Master Xingchi’s cleansing. Wei Xiaobao wanted Shuang’er, Fat Toutuo and others to guard the thatched hut on the west side, and follow them one by one. Shuang’er came to report to Wei Xiaobao early in the morning. She saw more than a thousand people disguised as lamas going up the mountain. Then people came to report from the other three directions and saw many lamas going up the mountain.

Wei Xiaobao ordered the monks everywhere to count the number of fake lamas. Shuang’er thought he was awe-inspiring. Wei Xiaobao took Shuang’er into Qingliang Temple to take refuge. After that, he came to visit the three masters Xingchi, Yulin and Xingdian. Now there are thousands of fake lamas. The lamas surrounded Qingliang Temple, Xingdian believed that they were coming for Xingchi, but Wei Xiaobao didn’t take it seriously, and he still chanted Dharma.

At this moment, someone came to report to Wei Xiaobao that the fake lamas had suddenly stopped, and Xingxian couldn’t wait to go out and fight them out. Wei Xiaobao took Xingchi and the others out of Qingliang Temple, and saw Duolong leading the guards from a distance. Come to the rescue. Duolong wanted to ask. It was revealed that the emperor had come to Mount Wutai. Now Guangji Temple is resting. Wei Xiaobao lied that there were more than 3,000 fake lamas lying in ambush around Qingliang Temple. They wanted to assassinate the emperor. Duolong believed that it was true and immediately took the guards to encircle and suppress. , Xingzhi praised Wei Xiaobao for his wit.

Wei Xiaobao deliberately waited for the emperor outside the temple of the Golden Pavilion, and fell asleep unknowingly. Suo Etu and Prince Kang hurriedly woke Wei Xiaobao, Wei Xiaobao hinted that the emperor was inside, and the emperor hurriedly sent the guards away and couldn’t wait to see you Father, he asked Wei Xiaobao to knock on the door.

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